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    Tbh you have the highest bid i’ve ever seen offered. It would be ludicrous for some one to decline unless that is their only jp but. Hats off to your happy hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Medjed View Post
    I can say that this petition will not bring you anything.
    Whatever your goal is D13 is not shutting down so there’s nothing to discuss about compensations.

    They don’t care about loyal players customers no one.
    You walked right into that Thx medjed

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    Someone give this guy his apocalypse! He's the most worthy player for one and with an offer like this, how can it go a miss D:

    Elmoo - 6K - Chaos Crew (Leader)
    Mooeyy - 6K - Moo Crew (Leader)

    -- And many more 6k toons. Apparently i prefer the grind more than the power --
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    Mooeyy - 6K

    Defiance Data - https://discord.gg/EdnXt6Q
    Defiance Discord - https://discord.gg/c7JvR6

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    Trade closed, contact elmoo for trade. How the trade is conduct is subjected to her discretion.

    Deal may be alter according to her will. I am no longer in charge of the trade.

    thread close

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