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    Krayola's Mod Shop

    Here is a list of my current mods.... they will likely change on a daily basis

    All T3 mods are free. T4 & T5 mods are negotiable. If you want something then find me in game.
    *Last Updated 01/21/2019

    Barrel Mods

    T5 Beam Intensifier (FoP)

    T4 Crit Force Barrel (Aug 2x/HB/CE/MG/IC/FoP/Epic/String_Missing x2)

    T5 Crit Force Barrel (MG)

    T5 Dispersion Muzzle (EP/NVF)

    T3 Ionic Barrel (EA/IE)

    T4 Ionic Barrel (Purge/ID/NVF/ST/EA 2x/Aug/String_Missing 2x)

    T5 Ionic Barrel (Aug/RC 2x)

    T4 Max Force Barrel (SC/MG/Aug/String_Missing)

    T5 Perimeter Overthruster (Aug)

    T3 Powerbore (IE)

    T4 Powerbore (Sat/HP/NVF/Reso/Purge/SS)

    T5 Powerbore (SB)

    T3 Powerchoke (Aug)

    T5 Power Choke (EP/SP/SB/SC)

    T4 Power Muzzle (Aug/String_Missing)

    T3 Proximity Overthruster (Aug)

    T4 Proximity Overthruster (Aug/String_Missing)

    T5 Proximity Overthruster (IC)

    T5 Radius Overthruster (SB/MG/HP)

    T5 Splash Muzzle (Reso)

    T4 Sustained Power Muzzle (MG)

    T5 Sustained Power Muzzle (String_Missing)

    T5 Syphon Accelerator (EA/MG/Epi)

    T5 Ultra-bore Extension (SC)

    T5 Viral Accelerator (FoP)

    Magazine Mods

    T5 Active Reload System (SE)

    T3 Bio Expanded Mag (String_Missing)

    T4 Bio Expanded Sniper Mag (HS/Aug)

    T3 Bio Fast Action Reloader (String_Missing)

    T5 Bio Fast Action Reloader (EA)

    T3 Bio Rapid Shot Pod (MG)

    T4 Bio Rapid Reloader (String_missing)

    T3 Electrical Controlled Burst Mag (Aug)

    T4 Electrical Fast Action Reloader (Purge/EA)

    T5 Electrical Fast Action Reloader (Sat)

    T5 Electrical Rapid Shot Pod (IE)

    T5 Electrical Shot Pod (Sat)

    T5 Electrical Sniper Rapid Mag (FoP)

    T4 Expanded Magazine (PS/Reso/String_Missing)

    T5 Expanded Magazine (SB/CN)

    T5 Extended Sniper Mag (EA)

    T3 Fast Action Reloader (MG)

    T4 Fast Action Reloader (Heart Breaker 2x/CN 2x/MG/IE/Reso/RC/SS/Epi/IC)

    T3 High Cap Magazine (MG/String_Missing/DF)

    T4 High Cap Magazine (SS/CE/Epi/Purge/String_Missing)

    T5 High Cap Magazine (CN/ST)

    T3 Incendiary Controlled Burst Mag (NVF)

    T4 Incendiary Expanded Magazine (Reso/MM/MG)

    T4 Incendiary Extended Sniper Mag (Aug/MG)

    T3 Incendiary Fast Action Reloader (Aug)

    T4 Incendiary Fast Action Reloader (SB)

    T4 Incendiary High Cap Magazine (Purge/HS/Epi)

    T3 Incendiary Rapid Reloader (MG)

    T5 Incendiary Sniper Rapid Mag (NVF)

    T5 Munitions Interchanger (CE)

    T3 Radiation Expanded Magazine (String_Missing)

    T4 Radiation Expanded Magazine (FoP)

    T5 Radiation Extended Sniper Mag (SP)

    T4 Radiation Fast Action Reloader (String_Missing)

    T5 Radiation Fast Action Reloader (EA)

    T5 Radiation High Capacity Magazine (ST)

    T4 Radiation Rapid Reloader (RD)

    T4 Radiation Rapid Shot Pod (NVF)

    T4 Radiation Shot Pod (MM)

    T4 Radiation Rapid Sniper Mag (Epi)

    T5 Rapid Reloader (HP/MM)

    T4 Rapid Shot Pod (HS)

    T5 Rapid Shot Pod (SE 2x/NVF/Aug)

    T5 Sniper Rapid Mag (SE)

    T4 Syphon Fast Action Reloader (SC)

    T5 Syphon High Cap Mag (FoP/Epi)

    T4 Syphon Rapid Shot Pod (MG)

    T4 Syphon Shot Pod (FoP)

    T5 Syphon Shot Pod (FoP)

    Sight Mods

    T4 Advanced Scope (SP/FoP)

    T5 Advanced Scope (FoP x2)

    T3 Assault Scope (MG 2x/IE)

    T4 Assault Scope (NVF/String_Missing/FoP/ST 2x)

    T5 Commando Scope (Sat 2x/EA/Epi)

    T4 Force Accelerator (FoP/String_Missing)

    T5 Force Accelerator (EA/SP/EP)

    T4 Mobile Adjustment Scope (Sat/HP/FoP)

    T5 Mobile Adjustment Scope (FoP)

    T5 Precision Scope (CN)

    T5 Rapid Acquisition System (RC)

    T4 Scatter Scope (HS)

    T5 Scatter Scope (String_Missing/CE)

    T3 Shotgun Hip Spread (MG)

    T5 Shotgun Hip Spread (Sat/FoP/SS)

    T3 Stabilization Sight (Aug 2x)

    T4 Stabilization Sight (PS/Sat/NVF 2x/Purge/ID/HS/EA/ST/CN/SS/Purge 2x/Aug/String_Missing)

    T5 Stabilization Sight (ST/CN/Sat)

    T5 Tachyon Projector (NVF)

    T5 Target Recovery System (CN)

    T4 Ultimate Scope (String_Missing)

    T5 Ultimate Scope (String_Missing)

    Stock Mods

    T3 External Recoil Reduction (Aug 2x)

    T4 External Recoil Reduction (RT/EA/Purge/RC 2x/ST/)

    T5 External Recoil Reduction (FoP)

    T4 Guerilla Buttstock (EA/Aug/FoP/ST 2x/String_Missing 2x/SC)

    T3 Recoil Buttstock (Aug)

    T4 Recoil Buttstock (Aug/FoP)

    T5 Recoil Buttstock (Purge)

    T3 Recoil Dampener (Aug)

    T4 Recoil Dampener (EA/SC/SP/FoP/Strin_Missing)

    T5 Recoil Dampener (CE)

    T4 Sledge Arm (HS/String_Missing)

    T5 Sledge Arm (ID)

    T4 Sniper Recoil Stock (HS)

    T5 Sniper Recoil Stock (EA)

    T4 Tight Guidance System (FoP)
    <Killer Krayola> Founder of Krayola Kingdom

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    *Bump.... Keep in mind this is updated daily so come back to check what goodies i have the next day as well (:
    <Killer Krayola> Founder of Krayola Kingdom

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