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Thread: Dean Store!

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    Dean Store!



    Looking For:(☆´益`)c
    • Celestial Wrath (Offering Apocalypse + Sol Destroyer OR Either 1 Of Them + Bunch of item of trading list).
    • Devastation Rig / Merciless Onslaught Rig / Omnirig.
    • Perfected Plasma Blaster Relentless Decimation.
    • Mods :
        • RL T5 Hot.S : (Power Muzzle)
        • Pistol Hot.S : (Recoil Damp. / Maximum Force / Incen or Rad Converter)
        • AR T4 Shearing.C : (ERR / or T3 Incendiary or Radiation Converter HCM).
        • AR T4 Hot Streak : (ERR / or T3 Incendiary or Radiation Converter HCM).

    Trading The Following

    Click On The Items For Image

    Feel Free To Offer


    MODS :
    • Splash Muzzle Hot.S RL -SOLD-
    • Active Reload System Hot.S RL -SOLD-
    • Target Recovery System Hot.S RL
    • First Stage Booster Hot.S RL -SOLD-
    • Advanced Scope Shearing.C Pistol
    • Assault Scope Shearing.C AR
    • Force.Acc Shearing.C Detonator
    • Tight Guidance Hot.S RL
    • External Recoil.R Sanguine.E AR
    • Dispersion Muzzle Shearing.C RL

    OJ Perfected Weapons:

    Cyber Rigs:

    Trading Supremes and OJ Chips:

    Supremes :

    • Ammunition Scavenger
    • Ammunition Replicator
    • 2x Armor Perforator -SOLD-
    • Armor Optimizer
    • Blast Maximizer
    • Blur Accelerator -SOLD-
    • Blur Sustainer
    • Bionetic Intensifier
    • Core Ravager -SOLD-
    • Curative Economizer
    • Dmg Intensifier (Pistol/Assault Rifle/2x Light Machine Gun/Sniper)
    • 4x Decoy Accelerator
    • Health Rejuvenator
    • Electrical Resistor
    • Incendiary Resistor
    • Magazine Augmentor (2x Pistol)
    • Overcharge Accelerator
    • Recoil Dampener (Detonator/LMG)
    • Reload Accelerator (2x Detonator/Sniper Rifle)
    • Revival Rejuvenator
    • Shot Hastener (Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle)
    • Syphoon Resistor
    OJs :
    • 3x Ammunition Scavenger
    • 4x Armor Optimizer
    • 2x Armor Eradicator
    • Armor Perforator
    • 3x Biological Intensifier
    • 4x Biological Resistor
    • Blur Sustainer
    • Cloak Accelerator
    • 3x Core Ravager
    • 2x Damage Intensifier
    • Damage Intensifier (2x Pistol/1x AR/1x Detonator/1x LMG/1x Shotgun/3x Sniper Rifle/2x SMG)
    • Decoy Sustainer
    • 4x Explosion Dampener
    • 3x Health Optimizer
    • 3x Health Rejuvenator
    • Incendiary Intensifier & 2x Resistor
    • Magazine Augmentor (1x AR/3x LMG/2x Shotgun/3x Detonator/3x Pistol/5x Sniper Rifle/2x SMG)
    • Overcharge Accelerator
    • 3x Radiation Intensifier & 2x Resistor
    • Recoil Dampener
    • Recoil Dampener (3x LMG/2x Detonator/2x Shotgun/2x Pistol/2x Sniper/2x SMG/1x AR)
    • Reload Accelerator (1x Shotty/1x AR/2x LMG/1x Pistol/1x Sniper/3x SMG)
    • 3x Revival Rejuvenator
    • Precision Intensifier
    • Reticule Concentrator -SOLD-
    • 2x Shield Expeditor, Optimizer, Disruptor & 3x Rejuvenator
    • Shot Hastener (1x RL/1x AR/2x LMG/4x Detonator/1x Pistol/1x Shotty)
    • Shield Disruptor
    • 2x Spread Stabilizer

    ~Dont Forget to PM me here or In-game if interested. Thank You ヾ(⌒∇⌒)ノ

    (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┫pǝıuɐǝp :uƃı

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    Whats the rolls on that bio cf?

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    Helo, heres the roll on it :Recoil, Crit, Dmg, Arm. Pen, Mag, Reload

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    Updated and remove milking maid

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    Added logic bomb&harmony , removing some items

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    Member Logain's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    Night Vale
    I have an Obliterator for trade. PM me an offer and hopefully we can work something out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanied View Post
    Updated and remove milking maid
    18.12,Updated. Adding Supreme Turmoil and Supreme Order. Also updating the wanted list. *Will add more to the trading list once i got back online. ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logain View Post
    I have an Obliterator for trade. PM me an offer and hopefully we can work something out!
    Hi logain, already pmed u.

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    Deanied your supreme list hurts my eyes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triggered View Post
    Deanied your supreme list hurts my eyes...
    Yep haha. Got other supreme but im still using it. Lol

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