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    Quote Originally Posted by comeonguys View Post
    waiting for action!

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    if you want to take action then secure your ****ing servers and actually look into issues instead of sending out a bland message saying that you fixed some stuff when you really didnt. I have many many tickets getting a reply saying sorry for the slow reply but we released many fixes and many people have reported their issues solved. So if you guys did this then why the **** is my game still unplayable to me? I cant scroll through my menus at all and you said it was fixed but guess what its not. How is sitting by doing nothing when my daughter and i are recieving threats from another player who figured out our personal info because you guys cant secure **** a issue that gets solved by simply sending a bland message? Trion fix your **** and secure your ****

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    Am I the only one who doesn't care the least bit about community management and stuff like that?

    I want new content. I'm bored of the same 7 coops, 4 major AF, 3 sieges. Liros are boring AF (spent most of my time there hiding on the top ledge), and so are at least half of DF arenas. And even the non-boring ones get repetitive after a gazilion times.

    I understand that new content isn't free, but bringing in the D13 stuff shouldn't be THAT expensive. And there are some easy apples to pick: arenas like Dekuyso but for every coop boss (pretty much free), adding mini-bosses to sieges (mutant sieges should be loaded with minigunners and grenadiers by stage 5), sieges in new areas (like during infected event).

    So far since d50 the only new contant that came in was the grid storyline. 45 minutes of buggy, and boring storyline. I'm not sure that anything can reverse the outflow of players (as we say in french, "on ne peut pas remettre la pâte-à-dents dans le tube une fois qu'elle est sortie"), but new content will go a lot farther than a few community managers, no matter how nice they could be.

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    Take your time. I rather you fix the issues with the current content instead of neglecting them and releasing new content. I mean server issues have been a major problem since day one. What's the point of new content if you can't log on or get kicked every 5 minutes. Or fixing the Scrapper Uprising Arkfalls so people can't kill the boss while it's still on the ground. Or fixing the Yuke Arena so that Ionic and Quantum Archers can't one shot you. I mean the list of current issues is long enough, why add to it?

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