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    Weapon ehancement messed up.

    How many times do I need to spend the same point on a weapon. The record for me is 12, When I go up a level on enhancement, it keeps adding the points to what I need to spend. After I spend the point, it shows I spent it, but the next time I enhance a weapon the point is back as noy spent. Please fix this as it's very fustrating.

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    All depends on purple ones they go up too 20 oj and proto too 25 blue to 15 points
    So if your enhancing 1 level at a time you'll have a point till you fully enhance it

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    At 5k purple full enhanced is around 200 t5 salvage, legendary full enhanced is just over 250 t5 salvage.If you enhance with the wrong salvage you will need more and is a waste, eg ar salvage on a deto weapon

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