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    Still can’t pull the new rig.

    Spent a few thousands the past few weeks trying to pull the new rig and other items from bargain boxes and never got the quantum garrison or the new rig... I still think it’s not in the boxes yet since it’s not in the loyalty crate. Spent enough to pay rent for a few months on this game with little to no reward on PC/NA... Has anyone pulled it yet on live server and not test?

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    That is a very interesting subject. There have been numerous article in the media/news outlet discussing the ethic behind loot box.

    Country such as Netherland has deem lootbox to be illegal and consider it a form of gambling since the developers in many game does not lay out the specific parameter and probability on the chance how the item can be won.

    Currently EU and US are also investigating issue with loot box.

    "Netherlands banned loot boxes in some games, and Belgium declared them an illegal form of gambling in titles such as FIFA 18, Overwatch and CS: GO. But EA continued to sell loot boxes (i.e. randomized card packs in Ultimate Team) in FIFA 18, and it's now reportedly under criminal investigation in Belgium. Meanwhile, in a separate case from the gambling regulators, Finland is also reportedly investigating loot boxes"

    Here is UK's statement from one of the article.

    "UK agency is concerned, loot boxes aren't considered a form of gambling as long as you can't exchange the virtual goods you receive for real money. The agency is keeping the issue under review, it said last year."

    However the counter argument is there is always an black market for such virtual good despite the TOS in most game told players specific that these item cannot be exchange for real life currency/digital currency.

    As far as in the game, I have heard people pulling the rig from the game and the name of the rig is broken, but synergy work as stated.

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    On PC? I think they forgot to put them on PC.

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    Honestly over the years I have spent way to much on the boxes, no rigs or even one jp keystone. Talked to others that have pulled two or more rigs that have spent only a third of myself. For many though the only reason to spend is for the loyalty points.
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    I still can’t pull one spent about $1k on rig crates. I don’t see the rig in the loyalty crate. I think I spent $1k chasing something on another platform.

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    Isnt unposted odds part of the reason for the lawsuit and changing of the gaurd? Pretty sure this "misrepresentation of odds in a lottery" was the key reason that trion got sued and had to give up all assets and here we are right back at people being screwed at the rngesus altar smdh guess well see how long it takes the poor gent who dropped 5k to jump on that class action suit...............js

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    What's the new rig?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliasse View Post
    What's the new rig?
    The Limitless rig

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    If I spend another $1k and still don’t get one I’m going to be pissed because it’s not even in the loyalty crate. Hope you guys fix this...

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    Spent about $1.5k on thru out all chars on crate boxes and got one to pull the new rig. It’s not worth it guys I would suggest changing this rig or adding a 1 in front of that 5% life steal. The rig for that rig is crazy low and I feel cheated. It doesn’t even work atm on pc/NA... please fix and change it. It’s fun for the reload but the whole 5% thing doesn’t make it worth buying in loyalty crate.

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