I am glad that new CM's are here and interacting more than many others have.

This is a good step forward for the community but we are far from satisfied with the current state of the game.

I just hope you CM's ( I will eventually remember names ) will listen to our voices and our constructive feedback and issues.

We all would like to see fixes happening soon within the next update, if you could address a few issues within the next event, most of us would be grateful and be happy that slowly we are getting want we deserve; as all of us has spent hours upon hours on end with this game and some aswell spent so much money without getting their money's worth.

Fixes to see in the next event:

Mastery bug: I havent spent much on defiance to go into detail but I know other players would want this to be a must fix.

Trophies/achievements: This is very much part of the game as any other issue is, this shows our milestones we have unlocked by playing this game.

Vehicles: make the vehicles take a certain amount of damage from each enemy type. Its fustrating to hit a hellbug and me ejecting from my car thinking that hellbug got some steel!

Prototypes: Balance the prototypes, prototypes suppose to be fun and not the plague (poultromancer). Fix the issues of no score/hit damage with proto's

Arena's: Kent docks needs a fix where enemie are killed too easily and only 1 person can get gold at a time unless a boost is on but thats a temporally fix, obviously we want a permenant one.

Co op: Scrapworks salvage (is that correct ) is broken when it is time to collect your deserved loot from the 3 faction chests, most of the time I can not access them, also they are floating from the ground. Please move them further away from the that arm with 3 yellow damage markers you need to destroy, you know what I mean.

Events: there is two things that is important.

1. make the event proto's balanced, we dont need another poultromancer.
2. rotate the original major arkfalls because with the solstice strike, i missed out 50 rep (I know its only 50 but thats a weeks worth (weekly contract)) as there were no other arkfalls but the events. Easy way is to have 1 normal and 1 event (2 arkfalls) spawning at a time.

There are many issues that needs to be addressed but I feel these maybe the first ones that will put the game in the right direction. I'm just a trophy hunter so I play many games and enjoy the different creative minds of these gaming companies through their games so I dont know the full scale of the issues.

Anyway hope you new CM's enjoy your time working with the defiance team and with us, the defiance community. We would hope you new CM's will start playing D50 and share our pain and discuss how we can make this game into a creative masterpiece it truely deserves.



Happy gaming my fellow Ark Hunters!