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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinVonBach View Post
    Did a chunk of ark debris fall from the sky and hit you in the head?

    Your posts are a big bag of yikes.
    (Lights an Ark-Cigar).., as a humble simple Ark Traveler just Nile passing, Arkfall Chronicles isn't for my Ark Adventure to keep, but rather relinquish Gameplanet/Defiance Universal's Planetory Experience.
    Before The Beacon Of The 5th Project Ascension Is Lit, We all have to be on the same page, but this time as an Ark Guide, Central Horizon And Regional Alliance will light a path for Ark Travelers. But It's For An Ark Universal Reason. That was part of The Deal, so The Era 2050 Was Spawned.

    And where we're heading, Ark Belts don't exist or haven't been discovered as Ark Tech yet, meaning, if your Character's not revive in time, you'll be loaded back to Create A New Character/Beginning, (but dividing in a General sort), however, Reviving expire after 10 minute moments, and can Updated/Upgraded/Maxed to 30 minute Moments...

    (Train your Abilities And Ark Skills as an Ark Hunter, while time's still subscribe as an ally. Dividing's going need them polished.)

    We Only Gear Up For Ark Battles With True Meaning. If you've never had the pleasure confronting one, Welcome To Project Ascension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZRA2050 View Post
    I wasn't there he has me muted, I had two clanmates in that CO-OP both went afk but only one gets kicked from the CO-OP sounds like bs to me.
    I agree it's bs they didn't both get kicked, don't go afk in coop.

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    Why is this thread even here all it is doing is degrading into a 4th grade name calling session. This all should have been done in game cry cuss at each other then share a mutual mute and act your ages smdh

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZRA2050 View Post
    I still have proof of your PvP loadout missing a item shall I repost it?
    Post whatever TF you want. If you want to behave like a kid, it's up to you. Just stop whining because nobody likes you little brat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyra View Post
    Good evening.

    Again, kindly referral to our Code of Conduct. It is important to phrase things in an appropriate manner. Calling someone "small brain" is not what I recall being "kind to one another".

    If you want to "take care of business", please report any players you're having troubles with via our support - like Erinnyes already said.

    Kind regards,
    What if the person's brain is actually small? I see nothing wrong with saying your avatars got pink hairs; facts are facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICantAim View Post
    What if the person's brain is actually small? I see nothing wrong with saying your avatars got pink hairs; facts are facts.
    So you cracked open the skull and took a look? Jokes aside - I'm not gonna discuss about this. We're not in primary school, guys.

    I again refer to our Code of Conduct.

    Have a nice day,

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    This is quite the toxic thread here. Name dropping, clan shaming, veiled threats and even outright insults. There's even admittances of some players being regular in-game jerks too. Wth has happened to this game?! Such a pitiful shame...

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    Hey folks,

    I'm closing this thread down due to the overwhelmingly toxic nature of the posts.

    As a reminder, don't come to the forums looking to call out players for their in-game activities. Plus, when a post breaks our policies please report it to us using the button available for every reply to every thread.

    This lets us investigate without adding more toxicity to the discussion by publicly attacking other players.

    If you're frustrated with the direction of the game, there are ways to express those concerns in a productive way. This thread is not an example of how to do that well.
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