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    Synergy Matrix Patch - Feb. 11, 2019

    Colony Courtship/Synergy Matrix Update

    Colony Courtship is back, and love is in the air! Hellbugs are everywhere, tearing Paradise apart. Take to the fight and slay every Hellbug you see, including the infamous Matron (this year, you might be seeing double)! Check for Colony Courtship arkfalls all over Paradise.

    Complete the pursuit “Hellbug Apocalypse” to get the “Cupid’s Quiver” prototype! Modified to exploit enemy weak points, this shotgun fires large caliber slugs instead of a spray of pellets.

    Along with the hellbug menace, comes a new way to combat the dangers of the New Frontier: The Synergy Matrix!

    Synergy Matrix

    Synergies are powerful sets of relics that modify and enhance an Arkhunters natural and EGO driven abilities. These relics manifest in the form of Synergy Crystals and are synced to an Arkhunter's EGO via the Synergy Matrix. The Synergy Matrix houses three main components:

    Matrix battery

    The Matrix Battery represents the raw power output of your matrix before being focused through crystals into the core. The Battery is powered by obtaining Matrix Battery Power (MP) from contracts or converted automatically from duplicate Synergy Crystals.

    The Battery is divided into 4 separate cells, each containing 25 levels of power. When a cell is maxed out, any MP obtained will be automatically converted into Chromatic Dust that can be used to purchase Expanders needed to unlock the next cell or additional items.

    Core Output

    The current strength of the equipped synergies is determined by your current Core Output. Core Output is how much of your total Matrix Battery Power (MP) is focused through each your equipped crystals. The higher your Matrix level, and the better the quality of your crystals, the higher levels of power you will be able to achieve. The power required to achieve each level of effectiveness can be viewed in the Synergy Info Screen.

    Synergy Crystals

    Each Synergy Crystal has a specific Synergy, rarity and gem type assigned to them. Each Synergy has a set of bonuses assigned to it, the more matching crystals of that set socketed, the more of those bonuses you will have access to, up to a maximum of 6. While a full six set bonus is powerful, the sets can be mixed and matched at will, creating unique combinations to fit your playstyle.

    The gem types indicate which color socket it can be socketed into, with only one crystal per color able to be socketed at a time.

    The higher the rarity, the higher the quality of a crystal. Higher qualities allow more of the Matrix's Battery to be focused into the core, ultimately creating a higher core output, increasing the strength of all your currently equipped synergies. The current qualities are:
    • Rough
    • Cut
    • Polished
    • Flawless
    Obtaining a Synergy Crystal permanently adds it your collection in the Synergy Matrix. Once collected, crystals can be freely swapped in and out, and used in multiple loadouts. Only the highest Quality crystal of the same Color and Synergy will be kept, and any duplicate crystals of equal or lower rarity will be automatically converted into Matrix Battery Power (or Chromatic Dust if your matrix is maxed).
    • Class based Synergies
    • Backlash – Guardian Class Synergy
      • [1] +33% Threat Generation
      • [2] +3 Reflect
      • [3] Mending Barrier: Barrier restores 75% Vitality
      • [4] Taunt causes 325% of incoming damage to be reflected for 5s
      • [5] Enemies hit by reflected damage take 15% increased damage from all sources for 5s
      • [6] Enemies damaged by Shockwave are taunted and restore 10% Vitality. (Max Targets: 8)

    • Merciless – Crusader Class Synergy
      • [1] +30% Movespeed
      • [2] +3 Bulldozer
      • [3] Ardent Hammer Time - Cooldown reduced by 22s and begins immediately
      • [4] Hammer Ground Pound and Blitz radius increased by 100% and damage increased by 65%
      • [5] Enemies hit by Blitz restore 15% Vitality
      • [6] Hammer kills reduce Blitz cooldown by 100% (Cooldown: 3s)

    • Rampage – Assault Class Synergy
      • [1] 40% Falloff
      • [2] +3 Recharge
      • [3] Improves accuracy by 60% while sprinting
      • [4] On Kill, gain Rampage: 8% Rate of Fire and 8% Reload for 6s, Max Stacks: 5
      • [5] Reloading an empty clip reduces active ability cooldowns by 15% (Cooldown: 8s)
      • [6] Using an ability applies Rampage

    • Eruption – Demolitionist Class Synergy
      • [1] 33% Explosive Inner Radius
      • [2] +3 Fast Blasts
      • [3] Cluster Charge: Spawns 5 additional projectiles when detonated
      • [4] Full reloads and chain kills cause next shot to spawn a cluster bomb (Cooldown: 5s) Clusters Spawned: 4
      • [5] 15% Explosive Weapon Damage
      • [6] Hatchlings and spawned projectiles burn enemies for 6s

    • Agony – Assassin Class Synergy
      • [1] 30% Accuracy
      • [2] +3 Eviscerate
      • [3] Reboot Stealth: Refresh secondary ability cooldown on activation
      • [4] 25% of damage dealt by Bio Toxin and Eviscerate hits enemies within 8m
      • [5] Enemies killed while inflicted by Bio Toxin reduce Stealth cooldown by 20% (Cooldown: 5s)
      • [6] Hitting an enemy inflicted by Bio Toxin has a 15% chance to spread toxin. (Cooldown: 5)

    • Chaperone – Combat Medic Class Synergy
      • [1] 15% Self Revive Cooldown
      • [2] +1 Savior
      • [3] Healing Pulse Bot: Sends a pulse every 3s healing all friendly targets within 10m
      • [4] Using a Combat Medic ability grants everyone in a 10m radius a Ward which absorbs damage equal to 12% base vitality for 4 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
      • [5] Protection and Revive Spike also Ward everyone within their radius (Cooldown: 10s)
      • [6] Using Healing Bot reduces Spike cooldowns by 15% | Using a Spike reduces Healing Bot cooldown by 15%
    • Damage Type based Synergies
    • Caustic – Corrosive Damage Type Synergy
      • [1] Corrosive Weapons gain +40% Armor Damage
      • [2] Enemies damaged by Corrosive weapons are covered in acid that burns away armor for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [3] Breaking enemy armor with Corrosive damage grant +20% Reload for 6.5s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [4] Enemies afflicted by Caustic acid take 40% additional armor damage from all sources
      • [5] Enemies killed while afflicted by Caustic acid burst, spreading the acid to enemies within 7.5m (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [6] +10% Corrosive Weapon Damage / +25% Resistance to Corrosive Damage

    • Barbaric – Piercing Damage Type Synergy
      • [1] +40% Armor Penetration
      • [2] Enemies damaged by Piercing Weapons are ruptured, penetrating armor and damaging their health directy for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [3] Applying Impaler rupture grants +22% Reload for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [4] Enemies afflicted by Impaler rupture are exposed to 40% Armor Penetration from all sources
      • [5] Enemies killed while afflicted by Impaler rupture burst, spreading rupture to enemies within 7.5m (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [6] +13% Piercing Weapon Damage / +25% Resistance to Piercing Damage

    • Entropic – Quantum Damage Type Synergy
      • [1] +7.5% Shield Penetration
      • [2] Enemies damaged by Quantum weapons are affected by entropic particles that penetrate shields and damage their health directly for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [3] Applying Entropic particles grants +20% Reload for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [4] Enemies afflicted by Entropic particles are exposed to 15% Shield Penetration from all sources
      • [5] Enemies killed while afflicted by Entropic particles implode, spreading the particles to enemies within 7.5m (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [6] +10% Quantum Weapon Damage / +25% Resistance to Quantum Damage

    • Volcanic – Incendiary Damage Type Synergy
      • [1] Incendiary Weapons gain +20% Health Damage
      • [2] Enemies damaged by Incendiary weapons are hit by burst of flames that catches them on fire for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [3] Damaging enemies below 50% Health with Incendiary damage grants +20% Reload for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [4] Enemies afflicted by Volcanic burn take 20% additional health damage from all sources
      • [5] Killing an enemy afflicted by Volcanic burn explode spreading the flames to enemies within 7.5m (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [6] +10% Incendiary Weapon Damage / +25% Resistance to Incendiary Damage

    • Voltaic – Ion Damage Type Synergy
      • [1] Ion Weapons gain +40% Shield Damage
      • [2] Enemies damaged by Ion weapons are affected by a barrage of super-sonic waves that deal continuous damage to shields for 6s (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [3] Reload 20% faster after breaking enemy shields with Ion damage (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [4] Enemies afflicted by Voltaic barrage take 40% additional shield damage from all sources
      • [5] Enemies killed while afflicted by Voltaic barrage trigger an EMP wave, spreading the barrage to enemies within 7.5m (Cooldown: 6s)
      • [6] +10% Ion Weapon Damage | +25% Resistance to Ion Damage
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    Ark Chest Changes

    The Ex Inanis have arrived on the New Frontier! These greedy beings of pure energy are stealing all of the Ark Tech from open world events!

    The following has been changed:
    • Ark Chests are no longer in game
    • Ark Keys have been removed from the game
    • 3 New Currencies have been added:
      • Gulanite Fragments – Can be obtained from most activities in game. 10 fragments will turn into 1 Gulanite
      • Raw Gulanite – Can be obtained from most activities in game. Used to purchase items from the Ex Inanis vendors
      • Purified Gulanite – Can be earned from Daily/Weekly contracts, as well as from the Defiance store. All currently held Ark Keys will be converted to Purified Gulanite

    • Arkhunter Bounties will now award Purified Gulanite instead of Ark Keys
      • New players will be able to access some of these contracts right away. Higher level/power players will have even more contracts to complete than before!

    • Purchased Ark Key expanders will be converted into Purified Gulanite Expanders
    Ex Inanis Vendors

    Ark chests have been removed from Arkfalls, Arkbreaks, and Co-Op Instances. They have been replaced by all new Ex Inanis Vendors. These Gulanee brokers will appear at the end of events and sell their wares to Arkhunters.

    A vendor will always spawn, but which vendor is anyone’s guess! Some vendors have special wares and higher rarity gear. Keep an eye out for some of these special vendors so you can get the best possible items! Higher tier Co-ops have a better chance for these rarer vendors to appear.

    Items on the Ex Inanis Vendors will always cost Gulanite and Purified Gulanite. Save up if you are looking for something specific!

    Other Features
    • Added several new contracts to the game
    • Reduced several faction requirements to begin contracts. Players can now start some contracts at a lower level/power
    • Class specs are now based on loadout rather than class. This allows for unique specs of the same class in different loadouts. Note: Changing classes within a loadout will require reallocation of class points. This change will cause all Class points to be reset and players will have to reallocate those points.
    • Made a change to the Poultromancer prototype so that the Turkey spawn ability will only occur on Hit. This should reduce the number of turkeys players are able to spawn as an unintended consequence of the weapons functionality.
    Bug Fixes
    • Grenades are now available from reputation vendors after you reach rank 8
    • Fixed an issue causing some older mods to not show their stats on the item card
    • Fixed a crash that could be caused by trying to view mods in the Enhancement window
    • Fixed an issue where mastery bonuses from weapons in the inventory occasionally trigger when not equipped
    • Fixed a crash on PS4 where showing the comparison legend in the Weapon Enhancement UI screen would sometimes crash the game
    • Added support for Add All, Remove All enhancement part stack manipulation in the Weapon Enhancement screen
    • Added a block for enhancement parts from being committed when the max rank would already be reached with the existing stack of committed enhancement parts
    • Updated the auto-salvage feature to give out enhancement parts instead of scrip
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Melee attacks, regardless of how powerful they started out, to only break the shields on shielded or armored npcs. Now they will carry over the damage to the npc’s health pool just like every other attack.
    • Fixed an issue where completing a mission did not immediately update the player’s active tasks
    • Fixed an issue where self-targeting effect groups applied by player abilities were not being properly removed when the ability was removed
    • Fixed an issue causing players below 250 Power to not receive an item if they happened to roll a DoT Grenade
    • Fixed guided rocket launchers not counting towards several different contracts and pursuits
    • Fixed an issue where reward items were not being displayed on the scoreboard screen for events
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    Colony Courtship Hotfix # 1 Patch Notes:

    Bug Fixes:

    Fixed an issue with Manual Detonators not functioning correctly. Manually detonated grenade rounds will now detonate, when the correct input is pressed.

    Fixed an issue where Arkfalls and Cooperative Maps were not giving the proper amount of Raw Gulanite, upon completion. Players will now receive 1x Raw Gulanite for each Arkfall/ Coop completed.

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    Colony Courtship Hotfix #2 Patch Notes:

    Bug Fixes:

    Fixed an issue with Poultromancer that was causing spawned Turkeys to deal large amounts of damage, incorrectly. Please note that the damage numbers displayed will still be incorrect, but that the actual damage being done is correct. A fix for the visual damage numbers displayed will be fixed in a later update.

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