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    Hey devs! I'm really loving this update

    Aside from the missing update button some of us had with the Glyph client, I don't have any complaints. The whole synergy thing took a bit to wrap my head around, but I got it now. I also like how much easier it is to get oj weapons. Very pleased.

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    Agreed lov'n the changes....took some time to get here but feels like this kinda recaptures (for me) some of the magic and wonder of the 1st year of D13, Great work keep it up!!!

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    I really like the update too. Also, thanks for increasing the CC spawn rate. Good job!

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    Yep, this has been a great update!

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    I am as well! Knew the update was coming at some point and took a break before so as not to burn out and have been very much enjoying myself since returning post update. Arkfalls are back to being chaotic and fun. There's a big new system to fiddle with and progress along. Strangely, combat feels crisper and smoother than I remember. Rad.

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    It is what it is... update has addressed most issues ty.

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