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    Ex Inanis Looting

    With 30-40 people standing around there were a few times when I could not get the “E” to stop blinking, therefore could not open the menu. If someone is being an idiot and firing certain rocket launchers or dets it shakes the screen making it that much harder.

    That and when trying to get out of my car the E does not work sometimes. I’ve take to just crashing in to something to guarantee I get out when I want. I know you can slid to the left or right a bit and it seems to work better, but I never had this issue in the old version of Defiance.

    What has changed to mess the E key function so bad?

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    Got exactly the same problem.

    I find I have to raise my sight up until the E stops flickering.

    Just some more precision coding from TriGam...

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    Same problem even with controller.

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    I am also having this issue. Defiance 2050 PC USA
    Gotta love beating the crap outta Volge

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    Have the same problem, also pc.
    Saying that, I think the Ex Inanis character should be there for a few seconds longer due to the mass surge of people running forward slowing down the E button. Much of the lag is caused by the sheer volume of people there at that point, which happens in other games I play too so I'm kinda used to it.

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