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    It is a Mystery~

    Py'Numbra in Defiance 2050

    I saw a tip talk about this vendor in the loading screen so I went to try and find them. I tried emergencies incase it was like classic Defiance- no luck there. Eventually I came across Py at a major arkfall earlier today.

    I am speculating it is possible for Py'Numbra to appear in co-ops as well, but I am not sure on that. Possibly better spawn rate too o.o

    Have any of you found Py yet? Similar stock as this? Different?

    Don't be like me and have hardly any purified gulanite before buying lol.

    Good luck to all of you.
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    Yes he shows up after majors end instead of the old key crate. I bought a Continuum from him last night, which was cool.

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    He's in coop instead of chests it's py

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    He shows up as soon as I'm out of PG.

    Prototype cache for 72PG is a crapshoot. Imagine getting a beacon out of this. I saw VS for sale. At least if you know what's in the box it's better

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