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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch909 View Post
    Was working for a while this morning (I'm mountian time zone) but since just before 13:00 Mountain time, same issue... unable to connect/play after login into character through Glyph. So 6+ hours now on top of the > 24 hour we already endured. Forum indicates that CM Selene is online so hopefully Gamigo is aware... but no posts from CM Selene since a flurry of them between about 9:00 and 9:30 AM GMT yesterday (i.e about 16 hours ago) so I think might be AFK.
    I'm assuming she's not 'on' the forum, so much as she just didn't log 'off' the forum.
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    Exclamation Servers Down

    I am in Australia and could not log in to 2050 yesterday, nor today. Constant server time out responses.

    Cone on Guys, fix this please........

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    Was in England and no game over the weekend.
    Today I am in Scotland - and no game either.

    This is quite a shame in the history of this game for it to be off for so long.

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    Hi, I was not online while this has happened. Asking for some info now, it seems there was a similar issue before the server got restarted. This should now be resolved.

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    Hey all!

    As Selene has mentioned, we have investigated the issue and found that there were some abnormalities. We are still investigating to find a solution to the matter.

    As a temporary solution, we might have to restart the server if the abnormalities crop up again.

    I also want to thank you for pointing this out and for giving us details, it made it easier for us to investigate.

    Will keep you all updated!

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