Ever since the quick restart that happened overnight on PS4 NA we’ve lagged. Rubberbanded. I alone died at an arkfall, extracted to the Fork and kept dying repeatedly over and over in a loop. My character keeps side stepping without any input on the controller. Players are vanishing, enemies motionless. This entire weekend has been nothing but bugs and latency issues. I know you are working on stuff but jeez, this is making the game hard to play.

Edit: arkfalls seem to have some Aggro and scaling issues. Skitterlings killing in one shot, green mucas one shot. Matron spawns under you or moves under you across the map, instant death. Monarchs will Aggro and stay locked up to 200m away from arkfall. Not fun being chased by 15 monarchs across Paradise and 14 of them wasn’t even the one ya was originally shooting. Flying bugs, one shot.

All these issues happened after the quick restart. Wasn’t having any problems during week 1 of the event.