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    Women's Day - Art Challenge

    Ark Hunters,

    It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, March 8, 2019! I hope you are all able to celebrate with us in the New Frontier.

    Let’s mark the day with a little challenge I have for you all. Draw your favourite strong woman from the Defiance universe (I chose Stahma Tarr).

    BUT! You are only allowed to use MS Paint! It's just more fun and sets in motion funnier results

    This is my result, I hope you guys can do way better than I did and comment down below with your finished piece!

    Also, keep tuned as I will be featuring some of your work on Facebook next month!


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    Do stick figures count probly best i can do lol
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    To bad both my laptop, and pc both died.
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    Yes, I am a guy, that uses a female character. She has been around since Diablo(1996), and I have no intentions of retiring her, just because some of you men are scared you will get virtual cooties.

    I am an admin on the defiance 2050 community club we are the #1 club for all your defiance needs on Xbox one.Come join us, we don't allow drama, or negativity towards our members.

    Reputation is everything.

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    Untitled.jpg Stahma was my favourite too ^^

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    this is lovely thread <3

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    Impressive!Thanks for the post

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    It's Varus's nice granny she always gives candy

    liberata granny.jpg

    I'm so bored can we log in yet lol

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