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    Bug report: Dmg values on invader infector types are not working


    After testing an invader in both pve and pvp, it feels like the dmg card numbers on the invader type infectors are not working properly. Based on the dmg card, the invader should cause dmg on each infection. However, it’s current behavior is similar to a canker infector type with a double digit (60-80) dmg value applied on infection and lacks proper dmg/sec modifiers. I do notice that every 5-8 infections there is a dmg value, but I can’t determine if that’s from bug spawns.

    Can someone from the dev team double check the behavior of the invader infector type and publish an explanation of whether this is expected behavior or an error? Thank you in advance!

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    you do less damage in pvp. canker is the way to go in pvp.

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