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    Senbozakura And Bonesaw not dmg

    I got the senbozakura-special and at the time of using it I did not see the damage done in any objective and they do not tell me in conflict sites all the enemy that manages to kill with the senbozakura did not count as if they had defeated an npc, when watching videos in YT I realized that no one shows the damage marker and does not tell them, besides that also happens with the bonesaw and I would like to know if it is a bug or the weapons are made this way for some reason, I have been trying to see if I get to count at least 1 death in several arkfalls and I can not get it unless I do damage with another weapon before using it, the truth is that it got to annoy me since it is a very useful weapon for damage in area and with an extensive almasen of munision thank you very much for helping me

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    its a bug and most likely will never be fixed.
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