Ark Hunters, hurry!

Rarnok needs your help! Hop onto the Public Test Server to test out changes done to Enhancement and to Scaling/Time to Kill along with the Engineer Class!

What you will find is not the final product, as it is still in progress and that is why we need you! As a gift for those that participate and send feedback, while PTS is open for this particular testing round, we will be granting something special (New headgear and a new title) to those that log in and spend at least an hour playing and testing out changes.

As always, we look forward to collecting as much feedback as possible. Do not hesitate to share your thought and reports on the new features and changes. To do so, either forward us your answer to this thread or as a new thread under the PTS forum section.

PTS will remain open from now until Monday 4/15/2019 @ 12PM CST.

Signing out,