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Thread: Immortality

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByeFelicia101 View Post
    Why would you post this publicly if you don't want it patched?
    I never said I didn't want it patched.

    EDIT: Why is this in the PTS section? This is possible on the Live build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteStrike View Post
    Using this does not make you less durable in any way. So you still go down as often as you do with a normal build.
    On the topic of scoring, when you're downed in a normal build with no self-revive, you pay 2000 points to extract. With this build, that never happens. You only have to pay 1000 to self-revive. You're saving points, not spending more of them.

    And this build will make any possible endgame content trivial, as you can never be defeated.
    seems like this will not be happening anymore then according to the latest PTS update.

    Best you can reach without using combat medic class is 60% total reduction.
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    Given how often you die on PTS now at the Event Horizon finals with few players to assist... infinite self-reviving might have a use... as opposed to a long runback because the nearest save location is a drive. At least until this perk/syn combo is adjusted. I mention this because players currently have this as a choice and I don't mind them being free to choose it if it keeps them happier and playing 2050 longer. It wouldn't be my build pick, but it may be for some.

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