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    5 star has more damage than 9

    I just received a 9 star atomizer . Only have 2 9 star weapons .
    I enhanced to 5k , even put 2 more points in damage than lower starred one and it sits at 19980 damage on card . I have a 5 star atomizer , 2 less bonus points , and it has 20,980 damage output.
    Should the 9 star not have better stats ? I thought this was the idea behind the stars ? More stars , better all around stats .

    I chatted with a friend/clannie and he said the cards are alll whacked . But I’m actually seeing the numbers listed on card damage pop up when firing at enemies
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    The stats on the cards are completely whack until you equip the weapon. Equip both atomizers on the same loadout and recheck the stats, they should be more in line with your expectations.

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