Reforging is a solid addition to the enhancement system. Reforging addresses one of the selling points originally intended by the dev team mentioned back in beta... delivered on now. It allows special guns we find 'early' in the game, when we are progressing from starting PR (power rating) to 5000 PR.

Normally in the course of the game as it's been since launch, EVERY gun becomes outgrown quickly as we level up our PR and salvaged when more powerfully rated guns come along... and ONLY the guns obtained near 5k PR are of permanent value. Reforging being added with the upcoming April 2019 patch will change this.

For the cost of some scrip and PG (purified gulanite) you can reforge any weapon that is currently max enhanced. Reforging gives you the ability to reset the enhancement rank to 0/10 for green, 0/15 for blue, 0/20 for purple and 0/25 for orange rarity guns AGAIN. You keep it's current PR it was maxed at, and get to raise it's PR again by adding more salvage into it after you've reforged it. Every time you reforge it the 3 bonus stats improve, consistent with the PR of the gun. You can do this over, and over again, bringing any weapon up with you, eventually to 5k, if you wish to.

Lets give an example. Say you've been farming for the Atomizer prototype for a few weeks... and finally you hit the jackpot and get a 9 star version born at 2500. You enhance it with salvage to 2750 and are able to use it effectively for a while, until you are in the 3k PR range and notice it's damage isn't sufficient, other weapons kill speed is better. Normally, you'd have to salvage that beautiful 9 star Atomizer, used for a time, now gone forever. No longer. Reforge it once, allows you to raise it from 2750 to 3000. Do it again and it's 3250. Repeat as desired. That lucky 9 star prototype drop you get to keep. Sure it will cost you, cumulatively, a great deal of PG, but since PG is earned over time, and a good deal of time passes on the way up to 5k... investing the PG for it is a wise choice... since the chance of getting a 9 star Atomizer ever again is... infintessimal.

Given the PG costs involved, this is not a choice to use on your entire inventory. However, for ANYONE not yet 5k, especially new players... the PG they use to buy OJ's or protos from the Gulanee Runners or Pynumbra at a sub 5k PR... doesn't have to go to waste and they can retain and bring with them their best, most favorite guns, on the way to 5k. The choice is up to them and it's a great choice to give new and mid level players.

Reforging isn't something I initially see worth doing for guns already at 5k. My PTS character is mid 3k's and this is something I did not test, as Guider has, and mentions some in his threads. So it's worth testing once reforging hits Live. Reforging a 5k gun might raise the stats on the gun... since all current guns are 'born' at 4750 so the bonus rolls they get are based on 4750 PR and vary within that range. Reforging a 5k gun would generate variable bonus rolls with 5k base range... which may or may not be better than they were before. Guider showed a screenshot of a weapon with a +1000 bonus roll, so clearly it's possible after adding in your 25 bonus ranks for a OJ, your + stat bonus could improve over what they are pre-reforging, as Guider has demonstrated. Whether doing this generates a sufficient difference in damage output remains to be seen.

The cost in PG to do so, whether reforging removes any prior locked bonus rolls... whether you may have to reforge a number of times until you get the stats you want... we'll see how this plays out soon enough. It's questionable just how much reforging a 5k weapon actually improves our current guns. Whether it's worth the PG cost we'll have to decide for ourselves.