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Thread: Playstation 5

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    I wonder if the move to a "specialized SSD" on the PS5 would spell the end of the swappable hard drive approach Sony has been taking since the days of the PS3.

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    and they added a new pass for ps4 already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryu Soba JP View Post
    If some of you haven’t read yet there was a recent exclusive interview with playstation’s Mark Cerny regarding Playstation 5. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on these new hardware upgrades? I’ll leave the link below to the interview given to Wired. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wir...en-console/amp
    It's pass time PlayStation's Harmony rekindle it's roots....., getting back to Completing with Themselves, that way, mentally, they remain undefeated. Completing with Xbox has derail the Dynasty slightly, into treating Gameplanet's Imaginative, as the latest Sporting Fashion, when Gameplanet Interior's wealthy beyond such depression.

    Also, interesting will re-nominated if Imaginatives can discovery another Platform, besides Game Informer, since Game Informer's mentality continuously paving, non-Gaming roads, ahead of Game World's Imaginative, with Reality's trending, since Gameplanet became a Major, with blizzard disasters.

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