Posting in the D13 bug report thread for explaining what is broken in the game. How do I know? Because I got one in the 23rd. Yeah... I posted in the D13 bug thread how a few syns cooldowns are broken and how it's exploited. But rather than fix their ****ing game they give me a warning for saying it's broken and how it's broken. Like I posted that info stating I'm tired of this being broken and players exploiting this cooldowns glitch. Instead I get ****ing disciplined Wow! Y'all are some *** backwards dbags. And I call you that for how stupid and nonsensical your discipline toward me was. Go ****ing discipline yourself and fix your ****ing game. I posted in the correct thread in this forum. What the ****. We are supposed to tell you all what's broken and how it's broken so you can get off your ***** and fix it. Not to get disciplinary action for doing so. Smdh!