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Well I saw erinnyes reply on Saturday to some defiance 2050 posts but not mines, asked him if he was ignoring me or something and he didn't reply either.


If the team is small is not my concern, thats Gamigo's upper management problem, and with the thousdans of dollars they make, they should hire more people and serve their costumers accordinly since we aren't asking for charity here, this is a bussiness.

And well idk about Germany but I live in a 3rd world country and I have LTE/4g on my phone since 2015 with up to 60mb down/10mb up of speed which is more than enough to make a WhatsApp/Skype/Facebook Messenger/Google Hangouts/Facetime call, send a message, etc etc.

Anyway, a whole week has passed since the event started and I still don't see the Jackpots names or screenshoot anywhere but the ones we the players have been collecting from several sources, when the old CMs used to post em even before the update/patch of the events were ready.


I'm not asking for too much I think, just 1 paragraph of text and 1 screenshot, is not rocket sience nor takes more than 5 mins.
I see......., you're only interested in Debuting your own vocalist.

Since Vocal featuring never possessed a Gameplanet Point Of Viewing, (before and relanding), Are you still going to Cash In, Doing Defiance Universal a Favor? Such An Imaginatiom, (not a Gameplanet one), won't be missed.

(No Offense)