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    sent you a pm xbox defiance 2050 north america

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    Tyvm Zeph! I received the 30 pg today!

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    so is it safe to open the ps3 boxes now?

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    Hello, I sent in a ticket and was assisted by Aurora. It was kind of her to lend her assistance, but in light of the fact that i had patron during the majority of this event, and was planning to re up until receiving my quasar wave cache in my unclaimed items over a week later. Just one box when others with no patron pass received two. and in that box, a QW Thunder a Blue mod and a Hunters Requisition. When for some unknown reason people received Hot Streak Named Jackpots conflagration, torrid , wild fire and inferno in addition to Quasar Wave Named Jackpots comets tail, super cluster, binary star..and I got a slap to the face followed by a swift kick to the jewels. I ran well over 200 ark falls on multiple toons, only to get one drop in 30 days ( Binary Star ) after dozens and dozens of purchase complete after the patch.i purchased the gold pack some time ago, even bought the actual disk in addition to other in game purchase content. I feel Cheated, Bamboozled, Hood Winked... i didn't land in a Event Ark Fall, The ark Fall Landed on Me and crushed my positive thoughts on this game. It would Be Nice to receive a super cluster, or a Comets Tail.. or a true QW jackpot from a box i deserve. hell i don't need the box, just give me the guns.. PLEASE HELP. its just so unfair that those players that don't invest in the game and just play for free, should get more than the players that actually invest in the game.

    Ticket 1214509
    PSN TAG / Biggie_TJM

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    yes the aggravation of this game has driven me to drink

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    I sent a pm Also with my info and still never got the log in reward been asking about it and they keep ignore it

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    Not sure I even received it but oh well . I just hope they fix and reimburse me my raw Gulanite I’m losing out on do to being bugged .
    PSN : bucketmouthjohn

    CLAN : Insomniac Hunters

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