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    I think the issue is the CM’s get pulled across all the games and are possibly helping do other things outside of the forums. What I mean is, there is no dedicated person specifically for the forum only. Additionally, as suggested above by the CM, it’s hard to track bugs when the only information you have to go on is “this thing is broken: fix it now! ROAR!!”

    As for the comment about caring or not caring. As someone who’s been playing and active on the forum for years, I can certainly see how many have come to this conclusion. The lack of transparency, the misleading and other tactics, the promises that never came to fruition and all the changes in staff have created lots of confusion and many things lost in the process. It has left many feeling nothing is being done. Actions speak volumes. Words are just words.

    A person above wrote that some people just come for a pay check and some actually take pride in their work. This is true. But, it is unfair to suggest that any of the team members (devs or CM’s) don’t care. We don’t know the struggles they have behind the scenes when it comes to tracking bugs, fixing them, creating new content or maintaining hardware. I think this is an area where they could actually turn around the toxicity on the forums. Remember the end of the week live-streams that kept us up to date with what’s happening? I think most of us just need to know things aren’t being ignored.

    I also believe in keeping the team accountable. So please don’t misunderstand that I am giving anyone a pass here. I’m just as frustrated as many of you are.
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    Confirmed that the Quasar Wave syn is up and running properly now (:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer Krayola View Post
    Confirmed that the Quasar Wave syn is up and running properly now (:

    That is good news.
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    Also confirmed on 360 na.

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