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    Legendary Cosmic Weapon Cache

    Black Hole Containment
    Did anyone else receive a rare (t3) instead of legendary (t5) weapon from the “Legendary Cosmic Weapon Cache” at the Fork in San Francisco??

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    Yep, the legendary cache was a lie.

    Just pulled a blue saw for my weekly contract reward.

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    Thank you for the reports, Arkhunters. We are looking into this now.

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    Got a t3 Cosmic Big Boomer. Not the legendary reward also.

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    I also got a t3 for my weekly gift, i asked in zone right after and that seemed to be what most people got.
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    I also got a blue cosmic weapon from paradise weekly, not legendary as stated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephkial View Post
    Thank you for the reports, Arkhunters. We are looking into this now.
    Hey Zeph could you look into this too? Or are we original defiance players 2nd tier customers that don't deserve the same treatment as d2050 players?


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    Just opened mine got a blue deadbolt gutted

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    Xbox1 NA T3 sniper cosmic from weekly

    Edit to add, is not receiving a RAW for completing the MJ arkfalls, only someones fragments

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    I opened mine and it was blue as well. Thinking ya ya this is par for the course.
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    Really lad it is just a lack of consideration and communication as always. In the larger scheme of things their customers do not matter.

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