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    Prime cosmic tacmag pulser suggestions?

    So i got this gun it has accuracy crit multiplier and falloff distance. Im going to roll off falloff distance but whats the better option fire rate or damage for overall dps? I dont want to spend 50 rerolls to try and compare. Any suggestions?

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    I've always been a fan of damage for two reasons: damage improves the crit dmg boosted by your crit bonus roll and I don't like being forced to change to my secondary gun due to running out of ammo (which increased FR would impact).

    That said, to kick around your FR option... there's things you can spec to improve managing your ammo supply. If you prefer using those classes, than FR becomes a more legit option for you... while if you DON'T prefer running those classes then I'd stick with rolling damage.

    Those classes are:

    1- Assault (I haven't tried this, but I assume it works) be sure you spec the talent (whatever it's name is) in tier 4 that allows your offhand weapon to regenerate ammo based on your primary weapon kills. Here I'd run with 2 different SMG's and hope that actually works (I've never tested it, other ark hunters can chime in, or test it yourself using 2 blue/purple/whatever smgs in Assault). Assault also offers the smg accuracy talent, which I think is also tier 4... and is nasty, but may be unnecessary with the built-in Cosmic syn's 3rd set accuracy bonus. I don't have one so I can't test it. Perhaps others have and can chime in on this thread to help out.

    2- Medic, spec your heal bot to also be an ammo bot. This works fine solo or so/so in small parties, since your bot HAS to heal you to generate the up to 40% reserve ammo resupply if 5/5 spec'd. It does NOT work well at large event finals, since your heal bot could be busy healing everyone else BUT you. Great for them... but leaves you on empty too often.

    3- Engineer, spec the Artemis Turret... for 20 seconds if you stay within it's area of effect you've got a lot of ammo reserve coming in. I've not tested to see how it handles fast FR guns... but it's easy ammo regen while on the move (in your area) since there's no stopping and stooping and less dying involved with relying on the usual ammo crates around the world.

    I don't know which classes you have. I'm going to assume the Assault dual smg trick would be your best option for steady ammo... IF it works. Try it yourself.

    Try these options on any generic fast FR guns like the Tempest or Vulcan just to see how fast a similar FR you could achieve with the Prime Techmag. I'm trying to say this: guess what your FR would be if you rolled it and put your bonus rolls into FR, then find a gun you own with similar FR and see just how long it takes for you to empty out your mag and reserve. If it takes 15-25 seconds until your reserve is gone, make any adjustment that weapon's longer reload adds in since the techmag reloads quick. Play around with that timeframe using your PRIME to get a feel if that faster FR works with the smg's reserve pool in whatever class you wish to run it with.

    The last bit is this... I doubt I'll get any Cosmic gun fully 4 mod slotted... but doesn't the 4th set bonus give you 'some' ammo per kill with a CD period? So I've no clue IF you are going to be able to find 4 mods for your techmag. FR bonus roll becomes a bit more viable if you can get that 4th set bonus. Hopefully some other ark hunters with that PRIME techmag can help you who've tried it.

    CONGRATS Smokey89... I'm a bit jelly myself. It's my preferred gun out of this 8 PRIME lineup and the chance to get it is... slim. So this 'problem' you have is a great 'problem' to have.

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    Thanks for the insight i think i do have 4 mods but the 4th mod is armor piercing or armor pen and im not a fan of them. Im currenty using the engineer with the mech and i rolled fire rate on the gun but it burns ammo so quick so might use artemis turret or just roll damage instead. Well i hope you get it too my friends always tell me you got to not want something to get it in looter shooters haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokey89 View Post
    my friends always tell me you got to not want something to get it in looter shooters haha.
    Hah... yes... I'm a bit of a believer myself in leaving yourself open to Infinity surprising us and allowing the universe to provide a miracle to the unaware and unexpecting.

    Besides, Buddha had a clue when asserting (paraphrasing, obviously) holding onto our expectations and having desires bring us struggle, unhappiness and grief. Applying this to my gaming... it's definitely healthier to have no care for anything when playing MMO's, enjoy the process and maybe RNGesus will surprise you and maybe it won't, but you can have a good time with your friends, regardless. Easier said than done, some days.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    2050 PC/NA Founder: Babydoll (with permission from Professor Chaos) aka Babydahl, Bloody Natasha, Kylarran in Defiance
    Defiance PC/NA Founders: Professor Chaos and Iron Death, RIP brother

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    I would 100% go dmg. Fr ranks pretty low for me in 2050; small mags and slow reloads work against high fire rate guns.

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    Dmg. Tacmag are generally weaker of the smg's. Boosting this will help crit dmg as well.

    Congrats on the Awesome pull, I am super jealous right now.
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    Great find. Damage is a good thing with the tachmags.
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    Took the advice and rolled damage it was definately the way to go and thank you guys for the suggestions and kind words

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