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    Can't connect to N-A game servers & disconnect when get connected...


    There are problems with the North America's game servers...

    It's very hard to get connected... and when we finally connect, it disconnects after a few minutes...

    PLZ FIX!!!


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    Same booted twice when finishing a story line and will not reconnect.

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    Thanks to confirm I'm not the only one...

    I've been having issues for over an hour now...
    And no informations provided from Support...

    It's getting quite annoying...

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    It's been half the day now.... =(

    I just started a new character on the EU Server, sigh, starting all over... got kicked-off before i could setup new character... =(

    Going PS3, or PTS... 16GBs+...

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    The game services are coming back online for short periods and crash again...

    That's getting very annoying...

    Even more annoying:
    I opened a ticket yesterday but no answer yet...

    TrionWorlds support seems to have no interest into community support...

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    The issue should be solved. How are you finding it now? Is everything running smoothly?

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    I've been crashing for a few days and today, I am crashing regularly. Once I only got to the character screen and it drops like it was never there. No messages, errors or anything. Yesterday, I re-installed the game and it still crashes. This morning, I had to re-start 3 times and the third time, it let me play for hours. This evening, I have tried 3 times and it's crashed all 3 times.
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    timed out bs, again

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