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    Can we get rid of (re-rolling) repeat rolls/ masteries

    Well I know this is just wishful thinking, idk why I even bother, and I'm sure it will never happen, because it'd be one step closer to a true ftp then I suppose, and suggestions always seem to fall on deaf ears anyhow, but I'm so sick of dumping forge into a weapon just to keep repeatedly getting the same roll(s) over n over it's ridiculous, this has happened to me countless times. And while were at it, how about get rid of the pointless and completely useless masteries no one ever uses, cleary things like this are in place to push people toward the bit store to buy forge (or patron). At least make it so it cycles through the possible options before throwing a repeat roll you've already reset like 5x. That or reduce the forge costs in general to reset rolls/ masteries.

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    A feeling I know all too well about. The year was 2016 or 2017... There I was at a Hulker Hell Armistice at the Fork, and in the midst of this, I consumed 300 Forge trying to reroll a prepatched FRC Big Boomer. This was way before they reduced the cost to remaster orange guns from 75 to 50, so 75 x 4 = 300. I had been on a bad streak of repeated masteries at the time with the same gun, too. So, at this Major, I -75 to get a crap mastery. On the 4th try (-300), the last mastery rolled back to the first mastery before I begun rerolling. I never tried rerolling that gun ever again since for just a DMG roll. Just for laughs, my friend STIMPACK gave it a go for about a week. Didn't work.

    I dare they say it's working as intended.
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    Yeah I hear ya. I mean I understand there should be some grind involved, but this gets really old with the limitations of content and how forge is awarded only for it to be a total waste multiple times over.

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    I am so in agreement. I don't need -40 reload when standing still. And repeat rolls suck. Yesterday I rerolled the t4 on a mass blaster only for it roll Leigh back to the roll that was already on the pistol. Like why? I'm obviously wanting to get away from that roll. It shouldn't roll to the roll I'm trying to leave behind especially when I'm first rolling it. Waste of 40af and af isn't easy to come buy. I'm not not about to do af runs either. And with a lack of new and interesting content it makes acquiring it even more difficult. That and you all turned off the event an entire nine days ahead of schedule.

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    Totaly agree. Working on a gun and i am now @ the 12th remastery. 4 of them have been reload while standing still which no one does or wants to do. A little angry at how many times it will master for "a new random" mastery and be the same after 2-3 resets like there isnt a whole pool of masteries for that weapon. To go through instead of remaster from reload standing still reset accuracy reset back to reload standing still reset and who could guess yep right back to accuracy restet again and low and behold reload standing still........like wtf.So random it repeats till the gun gets vended. Really lame that random is so falsely programmed or represented. If this random was programmed by the same person who coded rng in general then no wonder people get screwed.

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    It's sorta like how I pulled about 10x wolfhounds from IDR before I finally got a mb (with crappy nano and rolls). I've pretty much lost any interest to play aside from events (which are usually a buggy laggy mess). Everything about this game is driving me away. Sucks cus it has a lot of potential but the grind gets kinda old.

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