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    HS jps dropping at EH mjs

    Why are hotstreak jps dropping-we are chasing quasar wave jps-we wouldnt get hibernal barrage etc dropping at colony courtship for example-please adjust which synergy jps drop if yr lucky too get a jp--oh and please give pye something this week. had 0 jp last week. ty.....Edit..this was the day before the patch.ty too elmoo.

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    Seen 3 HOTSTREAK JPs drop from QUASAR WAVE ARKFALLS. Are we not addressing the fact that the fix needs fixing? Perhaps you want players to say f it and quit? Me personally when i build or fix something i take pride in what i produce. I don't just slap a lil scotch tape on, it cover it with a post it, and call it a day........

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    Not only this but I think the weekly Tarr contract got removed yet there is still a weekly for Nuclear Winter..

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    Not only that but the game doesn't seem to be working at all
    N e R o

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    This was quoted on another thread -
    Quote Originally Posted by erinnyes View Post
    Hey guys! If you receive the 'Crazy Hot Summer Jackpots', do not panic! Event horizon jackpots are coming with it. You just got extra jackpots

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