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    Quote Originally Posted by llls1cKb0ylll View Post
    50 bucks for a weapon, an outfit, a reskined vehicle, some weapons skins and some mods? no ty... I can get a full triple A game for 60 bucks, rather buy The Division 2.

    I've paid 50 bucks for the ultimate class pack and got way more value, even tho I couldn't make it to 5k with the 50 bucks in bits spent in arkkeys.

    funny that you say a reskined vehicle, i thinked same way at one day.

    easy money

    mod makers todo this gind off stuff for fun and free

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    Ouch....... Funny im quite sure vanity packs that included "brand new weapons and....." Were $20 on d13 seems like a big hike to almost $70 for 1 gun smdh whatever shot yourself in the foot with this pricetag.

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    Thought I was going to buy this, but not for 50 bucks.
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    I did a double take when I saw the price. Seriously? That's almost the price of a full game, and being low income I resent being charged that much for what is in essence just reskinned things with particle textures thrown in for nothing more than pretty-pretty during missions.

    I have my eye on two games due out soon, I think....I'll spend the money there. Thanks all the same.

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    I bought the voidrunner pack, but probably the last pack i'll buy. The price is crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuraokami View Post
    I bought the voidrunner pack, but probably the last pack i'll buy. The price is crazy
    Me too but its strange that a proto can be modded. Also if i equip 2 starfall mods i gain the bonus for every gun. lol

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