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    Legendary gods recruitment

    Legendary gods recruitment speak to me via party for a quick overview of how the
    clan runs and also to be approved to join our big family also looking for people that loves pvp contact Extremeliveclan or COUNTRY M0MMA61 for information
    about the clan msg us on the xbox 1and we will get back to you or gamertag is Extremeliveclan or COUNTRY M0MMA61 clan rating is 3550 us servers only must have a working mic defiance 2050 xb1 clan

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    Legendary gods is a beginer support clan we help anyone who needs help
    learning the basic of the game. we have been around since the begining of the
    game the lg only has 2 rule and call out mj help anyone who needs help if able other then
    that everyone free to do what they want to . theirs no ranking system everbody
    equie and opinion matters . anyone wishing to join send me a message on xbox
    my tag is Extremeliveclan or COUNTRY M0MMA61

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    Could also contact me aka sldr gamer tag boardntape
    Officer of lg

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    my bad i will in inv you

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