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    Suggestion: Add chips and better rewards to PVP

    Please add coop and expo-like rewards to PVP to encourage players.

    As context, this game mode was originally meant as a form of end game content but it has been rewarded very poorly. The poor rewards system is seen as a major factor contributing to a dwindling pvp player base (amongst other reasons). By comparison, this end game mode has rewards that are worse than a siege or arkfall, yet PVP is far more challenging than any PVE AI.

    It would be great if the rewards were closer to expo and coop rewards. Ideally if cyber chips and large amounts of arkforge dropped from PVP, more players would participate with deepened game engagement (bitbox and f2p playtime) to improve their gear.

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    Not at all for this if they can't install anticheat software and also have a continued presence of a moderator. Otherwise all the cheaters will get rewarded for cheating. No thanks.

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    chips as pvp rewards , great idea . i wish they would add t5 and t6 chips to vendor .and remove the useless chips.

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    I agree with t6 chips from vendors because expo is pretty lame for t6 chips if you ask me. Hell let's use pg for them. The shard system is highly flawed. I breakdown 3k in chips all the time before I attempt to get the last t6 dmg int I need. But all the vendor gives is blue and purple chips in n return. Honestly they are useless for all players. And when you do get a T5/T6 chip it's something like a vehicle wrecker or some stupid smg chip. Sorry... Smgs are super weak in this game since balance has not been an important factor for the dev team. Great idea SAS.

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