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    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    This is definitely odd. I will take a look into the issue.

    If anyone else is having this problem, please let us know!

    Same here. I sent in a ticket.

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    Are we going to need to open a ticket on this. I am out 60 shards at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faithlessmayhem View Post
    I am having this issue as well! Plus the Nexus is missing from the Paradise vendor. We are now losing time to earn this. Are we going to be compensated? We already lost 11 hours between Event Horizon and now this with no compensation. I understand sleep time lost, but hot fixes are a developer issue and I feel I shouldn't be penalized for your mistake.
    Fa1thlessMayhem, KIRIA, 2050, Xbox One. NA
    Everybody playing on NA Xbox servers are also reporting same problem and also having Nexus missing and no EH caches.
    Please let us know as soon as you have a solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKNY888 View Post
    Everybody playing on NA Xbox servers are also reporting same problem and also having Nexus missing and no EH caches.
    Please let us know as soon as you have a solution.
    Welcome my friend. This whole thing has been BREWTAL
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    Interesting. The pursuit isn't completed for me, but the vendor has nothing. Wasn't there supposed to be boosts active too?

    Still annoyed that the Lost Warrior and the other outfits are character unlocks. Also it's pretty annoying to charge 50 bucks for a weapon and mods and not include an inventory space increase for them. Are the items available to all characters on your account?

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    mine is completed and no proto . and yall took the outfits out the paradise vendor .

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    I have just bought 120 pg worth of shards and it says I received it in rewards chat, but when I checked the pursuit - it was greyed out.

    Hope this gets sorted out quickly.

    Also - Where is Zephkial ?

    Will these majors be spawning at a higher rate also ? Or have they been reset to be slow spawning ?

    And will we be getting the Event Horizon boxes back for the week to buy and try and get some primes or mods for our weapons.

    Because of this problem - is the one week event going to be extended ?

    And will the timer be set correctly to end - taking into account the extension to the extension ?

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    I have the same problem too.

    If I look in the pursuit for the Starfall, it is grayed out and there is a check box in the line for the purstui completion.

    I have purchased two starfall caches for and I don't have any credit.

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    PC NA here. Username Sal Fireguard.

    Same issue. Shows completed but is not. I purchased 120 shards so far and while it shows completed I have no weapon to show for it. This should have been tested before releasing it lads.
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    Really lad it is just a lack of consideration and communication as always. In the larger scheme of things their customers do not matter.

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    Took a while for me to bother posting here too... but this issue has affected my main, Babydoll, PC/NA as well.

    First, I was on my 2nd account, finishing her Sunday daily/weeklies, as she has the Starfall Prophecy counter working fine. I logged off of her a minute or two before the daily reset, to begin working on my main.

    When I logged in on my main, it was during the 5 minute period between 12:00 (noon) and 12:05 when all quests are shut off, before the daily reset kicks in. Starfall Prophecy was auto completed when I looked at it 5-10 minutes after logging in. This same problem has affected others in my clan who logged in during the same time period.

    Then about 2-3 hours into the Starfall event (after weekly reset) I logged in an alternate character on my main account. The Starfall Prophecy quest was fine... started earning Starfall shards from completing a few majors.

    Sadly, this is affecting my main... Babydoll. The other 2 are, while working as intended, both of no import.

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