Hello everyone!

We wanted to address an issue that has been occurring on the forums. We've been seeing a couple of thread here and there to report hackers/cheaters. Even though this is all well intended, this is not allowed in the forums. Whether you have covered the player's name or not. Below is the procedure you should take to report another player. This is not just for cheating in-game, but also for chat CoC violations.

The procedure is as follows:

1. When you see something is not right with another player's actions, send a ticket with your report to Customer Support: https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
After doing that you may also notify one of the Community Managers via a private message.

2. It would make the process easy with fullscreen, clear screenshots where the UI is visible and unedited videos. Gather as much evidence as possible, that is:
  • platform/server
  • specify which game it is, Defiance or Defiance 2050
  • character name of the player you suspect is hacking/cheating

When you are trying to upload a file and it is too big or takes too long to upload, you can always upload it to Youtube. You can set it as 'unlisted', this way, only people with the link to that video will be able to see it. The video will not come up in any search results or on your channel either. Make sure that the video is in no way edited and has no watermarks.

Please, refrain from creating threads!

The Defiance Team