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    Speculation. Motherlode breaking out mine 99

    This comes from New Feed, character selection screen Xbox1 Na.

    What the title says Motherlode breaking out Mine 99.

    So what do you think ?:

    Literally change visual place / map of Mine 99 or mission for the first time in a live event Defiance 2050?
    (In the style of Blackout or Fornite, changing map updates)

    Is an entirely new MJ Arkfall event, Motherlode fighitng?

    New instance boss fight?
    Or cooperative map?
    New campaign mission?
    Celebration for independence day?
    Will it start soon in PTS?

    I am very glad that at the end of the event, they changed the New Feed message giving a clue that this does not end, at the end of the Event Horizon as it is also written in the Feed.

    If someone does not have access to the new feed I can capture a screen.
    Google Translate

    A greeting.

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    My guess is the next event for 2050 would be Armistice since the game came out on July 10th. I'm not positive, but I think the arkfall boss at Armistice arkfalls was a matron, before they started running different event arkfalls each week through the event in D13. Not sure if 2050 has had enough events to do that yet or not though, so I'm assuming the matron will be the arkfall boss, with some tweaks to it. Just have to wait and see though.
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    I am down for anything new. Also I want wild warmasters.
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    If I remember correctly, Zephkial said D50 wouldnt be getting Armistice this year. This was around when d13 got theirs so....maybe we will see it after all. Time will tell.
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