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    very interesting

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    Seems i was right same shady people and tactics just changed banners smdh. Be nice if the sale records go public it will prove what i already suspect. That all they did was a backroom deal off the books to cheat the shareholders and the plaintiffs out of assets that could be awarded by the courts. Its funny these guys think the whole world is niave enough that we cant see the scam.......

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    "It seems weird to be writing about Trion Worlds again, but here we are."

    Hilarious! XD
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
    Medjed: "Trust me, we will do our best to avoid any unanswered questions."
    Imagine trying to peddle bit store trash instead of fixing the game in 2020.

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    Wonder what oh what would happen if d13 folks went class action over the advertised but never awarded super jp giveaway for logging in. Been over a year and nobody won? I know me and over 30 others were playing the entire "log in to enter" timeframe and not 1 person on ANY platform recieved ANYTHING. Be a shame if proof of rebrand comes to light and gamigo had to step up for thier turn on the chopping block eh.....

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    I just feel like this hits home with the recent rigs that have been released like Limitless and Caustic Fury. Like I've attempted to pull a CF with loyalty and bits with no luck whatsoever and what I receive for my bits and loyalty points is quite sad. It's more than unfair. Getting tier 3 and tier 4 garbage mods and weapons. They act like a guaranteed legendary mod or weapon is like giving away gold and diamonds. But I've seriously spent close to 200 loyalty points attempting to pull a CF rig. Mind you I have always had a Patron Pass. Mind you I grinded the EH event and got zero jackpots in return but there were plenty of people who got multiple jps. Some even got duplicates of sought-after jps like Gravitational Collapse. And I know some people who have pulled duplicates of the CF rig back to back. I don't believe in the so called RNG or how it's intended to work. For plenty of non conspiratorial reasons. I mean look at all the people who complained about spending money in the bit store as if the last 3 to 4 months getting royally shafted. I seriously think it would be better if they just said for $50 you can buy this rig our weapon. That means everyone has the same chances. Your game would be so much healthier. But this unnecessary rng bs has to go. It's completely unfair and feels like a huge scam. And obviously it is with all the information we have shared regarding these past and future impending law suits because I honestly think a D13 civil suit could happen. It's not what any of us want. I think we want what we are owed. What we have paid for. No way in hell someone should spend over $100 on a lock box at a chance for a rig and either not get it or receive gear that is not in value with the money you have spent.

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    They would rather burn what little assets they have to keep their reputation from tarnishing any further than it already has? If you're guilty, just own up to it. :/
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    Understand that the players aren't your personal police force that must be looking out for hackers 24/7. That is your job.
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    Why do they focus on "lesser known bugs" that are not major concerns! Lag and disconnects On the other hand are the two main problems that everyone wants a fix for.
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    Because after 4 years of defiance, if you're still here, then it's not that big of a problem. Right?
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    Loot boxes are not pay to win.

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    Thanks for this info

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    I still think the game is full of bugs and never has much new content because of all the suing going on. All the money we spend is going to defense lawyers for those 3 pissed off players instead of map expansions and anti cheat upgrades so it's now full of hacker lag. I still think suing them is a bit silly. It is just a game! I never have been lucky in the game until I pulled a CF rig but that's how it is when you play the lottery with your money! Most of the time you will lose and I can't say I'm not a little jealous of the really lucky people getting multiples of rigs and JP weps. Especially when I just spent 50k pg at Iron Demon to get a MB and all I got were junky guns. Well 1 Striker. But 50k come on that took weeks to save up and I thought if I bought a bunch I'd be more lucky. Grind goes on and all I can buy is scratch off tickets that always lose with my paycheck haa maybe next month i will win. I miss getting to buy guaranteed weps from PY too. Made it alot more worthwhile to spend the time grinding pg vs the lottery at Iron Demon. Please fix PY!

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    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to mention that this thread is off-topic and the lack of context around the post might mislead other players.

    We cannot speak to litigation against another company.

    Having said that, this thread will be closed.

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