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    Best event for me would be the opening of Silicon Valley with the Grid and the return of the infected

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    This game is supposedly taking place some 30 years since the last game. There should be some type of graphical changes. It shows that the npcs are lazy and they have not made better buildings or advanced. At least make some land changes to SV. Maybe some of the overpasses finally get repaired and connected to other roads. But then again it is 99 problems not 100. =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistyblades View Post
    This game is supposedly taking place some 30 years since the last game.
    Thirty years? I thought it was only three.

    "In 2047 an Ark-Brain, the Kaziri, activated some of the Ark's terraforming technology, destroyed New York and replaced it with a newly terraformed jungle. The Earth Republic was severely crippled and eventually abandoned the town of Defiance. Seven months later a ship, the Tsuroz, arrived in orbit bringing the Omec - a race left behind by the Votans and forgotten by most. The Omec claimed to be searching the galaxy for the rest of their kind but were attempting to repower their ship and bring the rest of their people out of stasis to eat the weaker Votans. Their plan was stopped and their ship was piloted away from Earth to find them another world to colonize."
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