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    Sever Server Lag

    Hello erinnyes,

    WE seem to have a big problem here. Everyday just after server reset, we have lag so bad the enemy npc's that have had the health bar reduce to zero are not falling down, the dead enemies don't disappear, arkfalls do not function properly.

    During this time it seems that there is no one from Gamigo that we can get ahold of to look at or reslove the problem.

    I suspect that this is the reason for so many of my clan mates playing other games. If no one at Gamigo is going to be available to contact, how are we supposed to get in touch with the staff at Gamigo to get problems resolved. My former clan has already left the game because they foresaw the problem of the game being managed from an office in another country. For players based in the United States, server reset occurs at 12;00 noon PST or 3:00pm EST with a couple of time zone in between. By these times, I am guessing that everyone at Gamigo is out of the office.

    Is it possible for Gamigo to hire someone you can be available to help with server lag issues that happen after Gamigo standard work schedule? IF we continue to lose more players everyday to other games, what future can this game have?

    It is my hope that Gamigo can find a way to make available some kind of 24 hour support department before Defiance 2050 is reduced to a game that no one wants to play anymore.

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    Maybe they could hire more people ? Add some more staff.

    Because it seems to have happened again.

    Erinnyes, not blaming you, it just occurred and was happening in the past too.

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    Down again 5:45 CST
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    Again with the servers Trion, how do you expect people to enjoy a game that's not on. Like I said before your losing players. Please fix it asap.

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    Just tried PC / NA 7:46est timeout.
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    It went down about 7PM est right after a major arkfall ended.

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    Down again

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    Love the outright "screw the players" attitude we seem to be getting. Wish i could show up to work, turn on the lights, and call it a day.......EVERYDAY..........SMDH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MONKEYKING View Post
    Love the outright "screw the players" attitude we seem to be getting. Wish i could show up to work, turn on the lights, and call it a day.......EVERYDAY..........SMDH.
    But... but... their team is growing! They said so right here. XD

    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
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    Imagine peddling bit store trash rather than fixing the game in 2020.

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    Are we ever going to address the server stability or continue to pick the easy responses and lock the threads that touch on the not so pretty posts. Tired of critting 4-5 times per mjr and getting blue crap for the hassle.

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