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    Quote Originally Posted by erinnyes View Post
    As I have mentioned before we are having issues with recreating this bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakonroo View Post
    What about the hundereds of other bugs still in game? Achievements still broken(which was mentioned to be fixed with the last update and yet went ignored again). Is the same team looking in to ever fixing these issues too or just going ignored like everyone thinks?

    Or let me guess you have passed the info on to the team and they are looking into it. Its about time somebody took responsibility for this game and get it fixed and start gettting players to return. Population is at an all time low and without fixes players wont return and new players wont stick around long enough. Some major games coming out over the next few months meaning you will lose even more players if nothing is fixed by then.

    Also the mastery bug that i reprted to you directly which you claimed was already fixed is still present and this was almost 2 months ago that i reported it to you, is this still being looked into to or yet again will i get the same scripted answer that we all get when we report bugs and issues?
    You missed the Point. Very well, allow Central to relight it....

    (The Team is still looking into the Issue. As I mentioned before, we are having issues with recreating this bug.) Point #1

    (Also kindly stop posting private correspondences with our Customer Support Team. This goes against our Private Policy. Point #2

    After Thoughts:

    CM Masters Editorial Garden many concerns for The Ark Hunter Association. However, as Ark Hunter's concerns are Transported to Quarters, (within the Ark Grand Hall), Requesting them, The Few's Intentional Dialogue And Telegram's recreating CM Master's Defiance Universal Profession, To Developer And A Possible Cross Fire, Which CM/Game Master's have been observing.

    So In Truth, CM Masters, (the Defiance Universal Community Requested The're Presence), handled the Equivalent Exchange. Though many Requested The're Ark Universal Services, Many Gameplanet Travelers, Chooses, (in/during Review's Completion), what Intell they like in CM's Articles, what they don't like in CM/Game Master's Report, or Ignore CM's Editorial Garden), meaning, the many (The Few), Requesting CM/Game Master Services, The Request was never about/concerned with Game Master's Hall Of Gaming View. However, Central Welcomes Legacy Thoughtfulness To Defiance Universal, Seated Amongst Plenty, And Needed.

    Here Where Impatience Ends Up Mentally Abuse It's Self..., The Few Within The Ark Hunter Association adds, subtracts, divides, and scheme, when Spring Water's Point was quite Clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ctss3xxy View Post
    Totally agree with you.... I am driving around doing road blocks... 2 x volge roadblocks gives me 8 fragments... quicker than doing a siege or even a final.
    I am just going to finals to really open up those 99 boxes now... Not really interested in doing the whole major to kill over 200 enemies to get top spot, but I have been there.... There is no incentive for me doing whole majors, or whole finals.... while I drive round doing roadblocks, or quickly going to sieges to catch a raw gulanite so I can open a 99 box...

    Wonder how many other people are in this position.

    Some of my clanmates wondered why I was always running around trying to get raw... because they did not need to and always had raw from the finals...

    Inequality ............. amongst the players is wrong...

    This also does not relate to the 99 event by the way... It has happened for the last few events... I have just never raised it... but I am now.
    You can still get top spot just hitting the final. I do it all the time on every arkfalls mjr.

    Last time I played a few days ago I did all dailies, and plenty of roadside emergencies on the way. I ended up with 2RG after all was said and done. Usually have 5.
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