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Thread: Gamigo's bs!

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    Originally Posted by Destromathe
    Keep reporting issues, keep telling us your feelings and opinions, and I can assure you we will listen. Sometimes it takes longer for it to stick, like in this case, but if you guys hadn't been reporting, we may not have seen the issue.

    We are a small team,

    and we want to keep making fun and engaging content for you guys. Hopefully this event doesn't diminish that standing.

    So YOU ARE A SMALL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that's why NOTHING CHANGE. It doesn't matter if TRION or GAMIGO is your boss. This game needs A BIG TEAM. It's an MMORPG 24HOURS UNSTOPPABLE game. Haven't you learn anything yet? It's impossible to maintain a game like that with a small team. WEAK UP GAMIGO. If you don't support the teams of your games just shut them down. Don't continue the wrong tactics of Trion. You will gain a few money now but will loose big money in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAPDAlonzo View Post
    Its very possible all trion did was hired new employees. Gamigo suppose to be involved right, new team, right, but there's no new content or changes?

    there's no new team involved and until i see proof of any new content and changes, i wont believe it.
    Devs are the same, haven't been replaced by other devs soooooo...

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    I had high hopes when Gamigo took over. Since then, those high hopes have parachuted out into sea and drowned. If you want what's best for your game, meaning if you can't provide for it, offer it over to someone (responsible) who could. The same concept applies to children. I say all this because not much has changed since they came into the fray. I forget which Dev said Defiance 2013 wasn't going anywhere for a long time, but looking back on those words and analyzing them, it adds up; the game has not progressed in a really long time!
    Quote Originally Posted by upper View Post
    Why do they focus on "lesser known bugs" that are not major concerns! Lag and disconnects On the other hand are the two main problems that everyone wants a fix for.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
    Because after 4 years of defiance, if you're still here, then it's not that big of a problem. Right?
    Quote Originally Posted by ICantAim View Post
    Loot boxes are not pay to win.

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    Yeah... I would sooner refer to it as regression over progression.

    Defiance 2050... worst cash grab of 2018. Fact.

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    Im still waiting for this " new and engaging content". I havent seen anything new besides py and his runners and honestly i dont even use them i find better **** on the ground then what py offers. So.... I call bs on the new and engaging content and fyi IT DID EFFECT YOUR STANDING WITH THE COMMUNITY. Most of the people that supported your game are gone. You're getting all the new players that haven't figured out you cut corners and cashgrab at every given opportunity. You dont ever truly fix anything but continue to stand with your hand out like youve earned something. If i had my way I'd do ya like a real boss should....show me a bug fix or hit the road. Cuz in real life when you don't do your job THEY FIRE YOU.

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    they need to do something about them ps3 na servers . laggy

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