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    Total Score Bugged

    Bug Ticket ID : 1443740
    My total score will not end (Missions not ending) despite not doing any missions at all.
    All my random kills of side road enemies or any other mission will not give me any mission completion rewards.

    Theres some issue with the screenshot however you can see that in Photo 1. I am just walking outside of any mission and I have mission total score which you will usually find in an instance or event like incursions or arkfall.

    Score Bug 1.jpg

    Then just to show you any damage that I do, will not result in experience for ego or any kind, it will just add up to the total score. Even if I join any other siege or arkfall , I will always get 0 for all my contributions.

    Score Bug 1.jpg Score Bug 2.jpg

    Please Help. Is there a workaround? I tried relogging so many times, joining other instances, abandoning missions. Nothing seems to work. I've already submitted a ticket in the support desk. ID: 1443740

    Time: 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM PST (27th March 2020)
    Game Details: Total Score
    What location did this issue occur exactly : I believe its at the Bath House in SF.
    Character Details: 4980 and it wont go higher unless this is fixed.
    Expected Outcome: I get my experiences and move on continuing with my game
    Observed Outcome: My character did not get the mission complete and the total score is taking everything.
    Repro Steps: Taking a mission that leads to the bath house (Scrap the whole thing) and while siege is running and abandoning the mission (DID THIS DUE TO THE SIDE QUEST IS BUGGED WHERE IT DOES NOT APPEAR)
    Image/Video Documentation: Please Refer above.
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    Usually just a relog would fix it but after that I don't know. Happens a lot but never heard of it getting stuck. Is it like that in expos too?

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