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    Events use to bring back past players, excite the regular players, and spark interest for new players, event horizon and 99 problems events in 2050 are the deadest events i have seen to date. Most people just dont care to fight the bugs and disconnects, grind for a little currency that nearly always just gets you gear you throw away. This game population has only ever been declining since lauch. Its now not uncommon to play a seige alone, i have done arkfall majors alone as well. Developers please reconsider the direction you have taken this game. Give players reasons to return rather than sweezing what cash you can from each new player before they get fed up and quit.
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    I recall a comment during a livestream that being on current gen consoles would allow them to make regular bug fixes without disrupting the game. That they would be able to update and add content without the limitations they had on last gen. I understand a lot has happened since that statement but it should still remain true.

    It just seems like the priorities are not what the community wants and needs them to be. I’m not a developer but I do have the sense that if my game was bugged and I had several reports of these bugs. That would be my first priority. THEN, I would start introducing new content. I understand that during the bug fix phase the game still has to generate a positive cash flow. There are ways to do that with already existing in game content. I know it’s often hard to determine the cause of a bug or a fix. Especially if there is a struggle to replicate it and the reports are “this is broken! Bwaah Grrrr! ! Fix it!” But, some of these bugs are from the original game code and some others have been in 2050 for nearly a year now.
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