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Thread: Unmotivated

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    I’m sure I can speak for a lot of players when I write how the motivation to play just isn’t here anymore. The event has been fun but the RNG is way too strict and the lack of players who understand the simple task of “shoot the boss before the time runs out” is exhausting and frustrating.

    A friend asked me today if I wanted to play and help with some weekly contracts so I asked them this, for what purpose? I explained that there is no reason or incentive to do the weekly contracts because neither of us are spending the reputation since the drops from rep vendors are just not worth it. Rare and epic gear are salvaged and even if a player is 5000 power, has all gear in their inventory at 5000 power the legendary shield and grenades we do get are always below our power levels. So they get sold to the vendor.

    The RNG is so strict that we are seriously debating if it’s even worth finishing the last week of the event. It’s shield and grenade heavy, with the lack of mod drops. Even the crystal drops are severely lacking. I’ve had 2 crystals drop during the last 2 weeks and Yesterday I had 2 more crystals drop but sadly, they were both crystals I already had.

    There is no incentive to play coops since the runner at arkfalls can have the same drops as the one in the coops. PvP is a complete mess. The mini games are bugged and not fun or rewarding. Many of us now have an incomplete pursuit do to the store only prototype.

    Honestly, the list could go on and on. I really wish the game offered the fun and excitement we had 5 years ago when we started D13. But it’s just unrewarding, bugged and doesn’t seem to get any better. Most of our veteran friends have all quit due to the lack of.. well everything.

    I know not everyone feels the same but I hope that when the CM’s and devs read this they strongly consider and ACT on the communities needs and strive to improve the game.

    We need more bug fixes. The content NEEDS to keep ALL players engaged. We need better, rewarding RNG, especially for capped players. We need something better to spend our reputation on.

    Just a few thoughts that have been really killing the motivation for me.
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    I love this game, but unfortunately I completely agree with everything you're saying.

    I never spend rep because there's nothing interesting to obtain, the co-ops don't reward anything that makes doing them worth the time investment, and the event arkfall rewards are atrocious.

    The fact that the drops we get at the end of the event majors aren't event-related blows my mind. I haven't been able to fully mod a single event weapon yet in 2050 - and it's definitely not from lack of effort. The events have the potential to be really fun like the good ole D13 days, but after all the time & effort I've put in trying to get limited-time loot with minimal payoff, I too have lost motivation to play for the last week of this event. Definitely don't see a reason to play outside of events either.
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    total agreement with OP here... well stated

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    I feel the same too, well said Ryu!

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    I need to complete a few more event arkfalls to get 20 more inventory slots - mainly to hang on to event weapons in the hope that Gamigo will somehow put the mods into general rotation. I still have cosmic weapons I can't mod. I have received multiple versions of event shields that I'll probably never use because rebel shields are so powerful. The event itself is kind of fun, but is super annoying when you get a bad crowd on a shard. This event and the last you get no one taking care of the mini arks, only popping in at the end of the event, then they either camp the edge which causes the boss to run all over the place, or spend all their time frantically trying to stay alive in the centre, leaving you trying to solo the boss.

    Also, for those of us who are still at the lower tiers (I'm 3900 max, usually 3600ish on my preferred loadout) the scaling has decimated player population in SF. No one runs those AFs. Also, scaling turned already tedious activities such as arenas into tediously difficult activities, with no change in rewards. Having flame midgets suddenly gain a Hellbug Archer firebomb attack at 4000PR in Thorn Liros (which can one shot me at 45000HP) is not a way to incentivise people to run that.

    And bugs, bugs, bugs - Some RLs not appearing in the weapon list, grade not appearing to matter to grenades (purples with lower damage than blues just a few PR higher, what?!), random menu and UI issues on enhancement and modding, etc, etc. Runners made of tissue paper ruining races. Engineer ridiculously OP in PVP, which is dead on console anyway.

    And I'll never use that sniper prototype. It is considerably harder to use than other snipers in the game, so I'll never benefit from the main perk. (Compare this to the Whisper in Destiny, which does kind of the same thing and was dominant in PVE for ages). Snipers in D2050 are underpowered - also, on console they don't seem to benefit from aim assist at all. The aim reticule doesn't appear to stick when running it over targets. Same with most pistols.

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    Totally agree.
    Unluckily this game is intended for pulling in new players more than keeping old ones, and when you see in this perspective everything becomes clear

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    game self is good for beginners but
    yes, end game is not really best at here, it gets bored at some point. and that is not only me who talk that, allot old players leaved this game in our clan because off that, maybe they return at some day if they see changes but for now it not look good

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabberworld View Post
    game self is good for beginners but
    yes, end game is not really best at here, it gets bored at some point. and that is not only me who talk that, allot old players leaved this game in our clan because off that, maybe they return at some day if they see changes but for now it not look good
    totaly agree with you
    rep is interesting intill lvl 45xx or for people not finished the game also for throphys like to get max rep in 1 and later 4 factions
    othewise the game is borrig. need more events; they need to open a new areas like alcatraz and sv also new missions.

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    Many good points being made in this thread. fans of defiance hoped 2050 would be the next step, but that is just not the case, rather than find ways to expand defiance. its seems developers have put all the effort into limiting and restricting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Irwin View Post
    it seems developers have put all the effort into limiting and restricting it.
    As well as monetizing... can't forget that one.
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
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    Imagine trying to peddle bit store trash instead of fixing the game in 2020.

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