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    99 event for defiance 2050

    Hello All - Players and Dev/CS Team

    I just want to point out that as a clan leader. That we all do enjoy playing Defiance 2050 and yes we all have a moan about it at times.

    However, the last two events and especially 99 Event has been very lacklustre. There are ojs and some prime weapons dropping amongst the clan members. However the feedback from our clan is that the drops are very very poor. Mods re mostly blues and some mods are not available to completely mod their weapons.

    This feedback is meant in a positive manner to the Dev Team. However, the murmurs are that the players are very disatisfied. I am sure that Destromathe has made a decision as head of the team to extremely lower the point at which players become rewarded, in a manoevre to encourage players to buy the boxes via the store, and some of our players have done. However the feedback from these purchases is also negative... A Very Big Negative. and you have lost some players with money that will not be buying those again especially at the prices that you are asking. Not one of our clan members has said anything positive about this 99 Event or any of the rewards.

    I do hope that you will understand, and yes, I am hoping that you will raise this as a complaint... A complaint against you towards our players. We know you can fine tune things... and at the moment you have put it all on a very loose manner.

    You (Dev/CS team) are not visible in game.
    You (Dev/CS team) are not visible in communications in a friendly manner.
    You (Dev/CS team) do not seem to be understanding the frustrations of players in game.

    What is the use of having weapons = any colour and level. If players cannot mod them up ?

    Have any of the Devs/CS team even played in a final .. to see what you can get as a drop? I think not.

    We have 140 regular players in our clan (those that have been in within last 3 days). So, I would think that is a fair number to be able to get some feedback from.

    I have a lot more to say, but I would probably be banned for the words I could write.

    Now... I need to go to BUGS section as .... I am not receiving any score most of the time when shooting and damaging the motherlode and other enemies at the finals....

    Tride Clan Leader

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    What is the use of having weapons = any colour and level. If players cannot mod them up ?

    You can mod any color weapon with any type of mods. The only ones you can't are prototypes.

    What weapons are you using on arkfalls? Some weapons don't register score. Not that it matters as I haven gotten more purple mods coming in late, and got more blue weapons for coming in first. Not saying it shouldn't be fixed though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smurfsniper View Post
    What is the use of having weapons = any colour and level. If players cannot mod them up ?

    You can mod any color weapon with any type of mods. The only ones you can't are prototypes.

    c'mon smurfer... the reference is obviously concerning event guns and their synergy specific mods

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    Improved levels of communication would be most welcome (been saying that for years).

    I wish to respond to this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ctss3xxy View Post
    You (Dev/CS team) are not visible in game.
    I've read and been told that Zeph played on PC NA a fair bit (he did in the livestreams) ... and sometimes answered players queries that way. Maybe Destro or someone else could pick up the baton?

    CM Erinnyes does play on PC EU occasionally – they logged in a few times when the PC EU servers were in quite a bad state (when no enemies or vendors were present etc) and needed multiple reboots in day.

    It would be nice if Gamigo had their staff playing more frequently. Also, something I discussed with a friend a while ago, is the position of Game Masters (this also relates to your other recent forum post). Something like that could help a lot if the GMs are able to communicate quickly and effectively with Gamigo (and fellow players).

    Regarding the modding: when 2050 launched, I was happy to see something like "universal mods" which would avoid a lot of frustrations of trying to find mods with matching synergies. And with the later addition of the Synergy Matrix, at least that was independent from weapons and you could get a full synergy with 6 crystals of any quality (so hopefully it shouldn't take ages). But it seems like old habits die hard ... and they decided to add the concept of "Mod Fusion" . I don't have a single, fully modded Precision Torment weapon and only 2 or 3 Cosmic Resonance weapons fully modded. With multiple new shield and grenade types diluting the pool (as others have mentioned) ... the chances of getting a selection of "good" event weapons fully modded are pretty low. They could have several different event caches ... one for shields and grenades, another for weapons, and another for mods.

    Anyway ... hope the raw gulanite issue is soon fixed for everyone affected . As someone else suggested, they could remove the raw gulanite requirement from the arkfall vendor prices in the mean time.

    That being said ... I don't think people are really missing out on much from the event caches (for reference: I'm at 5K, except for a grenade ... so blue weapons are not much use TBH) :

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