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    CM Accountability & Server Status action

    It seems to be a re-occurring thing that when a server goes down outside of a daily reset we all look for answers as to when the servers will be brought back up.

    Having said this, I am aware that there have been some team changes for CM's overlooking Defiance. I also see from countless dev tracker updates of CM's/Dev's "Apologizing for the inconvenience" and saying "We'll look into this". While I do appreciate the commitment to looking into the issues that are being brought up from the defiance community I am a bit concerned as to how quickly these issues are being handled. While some issues that are brought up have swift action, I see many others that are put on the back burner.

    I continue to see enormous delays in ticket responses, sometimes lasting well over a month before any feedback is given.

    What I am suggesting from the team of CM's is that you give us some type of schedule as to whom we should contact and what times, this way we can contact the correct person at the appropriate time they are available as well as being able to hold everyone accountable for when these issues need to be looked at
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    This is ridiculous , people with patron pass needs to file charge back with their credit card company.

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    the ps3 servers have gotten worse these past for years .they still havent fixed the social glitch , and they still havent fix the match making battle servers from crashing either. both have been going on for at least 5 years.

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    For the sake of clarity...




    The fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

    "Their lack of accountability has corroded public respect."

    responsibility · liability · reporting · obedience

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