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    99 Problems event- Extended

    Ark Hunters!

    A hotfix will be implemented at 1PM (PTD), 10PM (CST) for Defiance 2050 (this does not affect Defiance)

    What does this mean, though? Well, this means that the chase on Motherlode is not over yet!

    Yup, the event has been extended for another week on both games, more 99er's butt to kick!

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    Can you just leave it on till the next event starts as something for us to do that isn't the run of the mill norm for us? I mean you can turn the ability to get JPs off or just leave them on because I've always had a Patron Pass sand I've still yet since last event dropped a jackpot. And I've done my fair share of event majors with no luck whatsoever.

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    where are the 99 caches at?

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    Thanks for the extension on the event. The problems are: they're not in abundance, and the rewards aren't worth the effort (speaking as a non-Patron), unless the drop rate on the good stuff that will make it worth the while gets increased, it's pointless.

    I favor what Decoy said, downtime for Defiance means the same repetitive stuff for the past 5-6 years; we need something to hold us over until the next thing to do, to break up the monotony of the same ol, same ol.

    Lastly, why didn't we get the Motherlode for an event boss? I'm sure the PS3 could handle it. That should be a unique thing for events now, a random co-op boss (excluding Dekuso, too glitchy).
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    Why do they focus on "lesser known bugs" that are not major concerns! Lag and disconnects On the other hand are the two main problems that everyone wants a fix for.
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