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    What happens with Py Numbra?

    (Some will say no one will read you, but with the illusion that a poor child has when writing to Santa I hope someone reads this at least as a way to entertain while in the bathroom)

    Yesterday was a day I had no occupation and I spent a few hours at Defiance (I know and see people doing this daily) and I suppose they should feel the same disappointment.
    I made about twenty common arkfalls and a good amount of coops (t5-t4-t3) and Py's offers in all cases are unfortunate.
    Then later some arkfalls 99 problems appeared surprisingly without cache 99.
    So I see that I accumulate pg to the limit (130) and I cannot claim the two boxes in The Crate and two of my ark bounties contracts are frozen, after a couple of hours I ended up buying a polished cache that ended up becoming chromatic dust even though I have some cut in the matrix.

    Possible options that are not very complicated for you and would be an incentive for the community.
    - Make the Flawless cache offer more assiduous.
    - Include in the offer of Py modes for new fusions.
    - Extension of the PG limit through a pursuit.

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    Py should ALWAYS offer flawless cache, just like he always offer a prototype cache.

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    Same happen to me

    still waiting for a fix
    clan FR

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