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    Post Impressive low end

    I'm impressed with this game's ability to run on very low end hardware. My GPU died recently so while waiting for a replacement to come in I've been reduced to using the integrated motherboard graphics. And...it actually works. Not great, of course. It's not exactly smooth and doesn't even try to render faces. But it does actually run and can be played, which is more than most games will do with such limited capability.

    This does not change issues with server lag but that is no worse than usual either.

    Looking forward to my new GPU arriving...
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    Yeah, it's impressive. This is one of the upsides to the way classic Defiance was developed: it had to run on the Xbox 360, which was first sold in 2005 (and has only 512 MB RAM and the custom Xenos graphics chip with 10MB of eDRAM [at 256Gbit/s]).

    For 2005, the Xbox 360 hardware was obviously pretty decent (and highly optimised as a dedicated console), but PCs soon surpassed it. This means (generally speaking ofc) the majority of PCs from say 2010 / 2011 onwards (especially with a dedicated graphics card) should be able to run classic Defiance. Obviously PC specs can vary a great deal each year (from low end to ultra high end), but friends have been able to run it on (relatively) old laptops without much difficulty .

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